NieR Automata: Chapter 17, 9S and A2 – Route C, D – step-by-step guide

If you’re looking for a solution to the 17th chapter of Route C, D – 9S and A2, you’re in the right place. This page of the NieR Automata manual offers a detailed walkthrough for Chapter 17, the final chapter of the game in which you play as 9S and A2. Our guide covers everything from preparing for the final chapter to infiltrating the Tower, defeating the 2B copies, and taking down the chapter’s bosses, Ko-Shi & Ro-Shi (first separately, then combined).

  • Preparing for the game’s finale
  • Infiltrating the Tower – opening the Tower
  • Exploring the Tower
  • Battling against 2B copies
  • Further Tower exploration
  • Ko-Shi & Ro-Shi – initial information
  • Ko-Shi boss battle (A2) and cyberspace
  • Ro-Shi boss battle (9S)
  • Combined Ko-Shi & Ro-Shi boss battle

Preparing for the game’s finale

Chapter 17 is the final chapter of NieR Automata, containing the final battles of the main storyline. You shouldn’t need to overprepare for the final battles as the boss encounters shouldn’t give you too much trouble on the default, Normal difficulty. However, you might want to upgrade your weapons and pod programs if you have the necessary ingredients. We recommend saving your progress in a separate slot before heading to the Tower so that you can keep your progress regarding the three keys, as well as have an easier time unlocking two secret endings.

It’s worth noting that finishing the game may result in the loss of your save data, as the game may purposefully delete it. Please refer to the Route C and Route D endings page for more details. Additionally, our guide’s appendix includes a page on Save data backup – how to create? in which you’ll learn how to create a backup of your data and prevent losing many hours of progress.

Infiltrating the Tower – opening the Tower

After finding the three keys in Chapters 13, 15, and 16, you can return to the Tower in the City Ruins. Use the keys on the Sub-units around the Tower.

Each time you use a key, you’ll have to hack the sub-unit. The hacking mini-game requires you to go through an obstacle course and reach a black orb or several black orbs.

Enemies may pose a problem during the mini-game. Try not to destroy the black blocks separating you from hostile units to avoid restarting the mini-game due to their attacks.

After breaking into three Sub-units, save your game before heading for the Tower itself. Your first attempt to hack the Tower will fail, as the process is very slow, and hordes of machines will start attacking you.

Instead of attempting to hack the Tower, focus on fighting the machines. You won’t be able to defeat all of them, as new enemies will replace the ones you destroyed. You must hold out until the twins – Devola and Popola – arrive. They’ll provide you with assistance while you hack the Tower.

Prior to doing so, you’re presented with an opportunity to unlock two additional endings.

  1. Secret ending S can be unlocked by escaping from the Tower and the twins (as depicted in the image).
  2. Secret ending V can be unlocked by joining the sisters in combat instead of hacking the tower. The ending will trigger after you spend some time fighting alongside the twins.

To proceed with the story, you need to stand in front of the Tower and hack it. New machines will continue to appear on the battlefield, but they’ll be preoccupied fighting Devola and Popola, so they shouldn’t bother you.

The Tower won’t open immediately – you must complete a hacking mini-game first. Take advantage of the fact that the mini-game doesn’t have a time limit. Slowly ascend and ensure that you’re cautious when taking down enemies. When battling orbs, always position yourself between their bullets or in front of orange projectiles, which can be shot down.

In the final area, the orbs will be protected by force fields. You don’t need to take any action. Simply wait for a cutscene featuring 9S and the twins.

The game will attempt to show you Data Records about Devola and Popola, which will deepen your understanding of their pasts. This scene is text-only and includes choices that won’t change anything significant.

If you don’t feel like reading lengthy passages of text, you can skip the scene by holding down the Circle button. The text will scroll rapidly, only stopping when you need to make a decision.

Exploring the Tower

The path inside the Tower is straightforward. You should expect to encounter infected YoRHa units, which can be defeated through open combat (it’s safer to engage them from a distance) or by hacking them.

Along the way, it’s worth exploring for loot – glowing objects and chests (some of which require hacking to open). This will allow you to obtain valuable items and new Archives entries.

Battle Against 2B Copies

In one of the rooms, you’ll encounter hostile 2B models that you must defeat. This battle is best fought from a distance, using your pod’s offensive programs. If you attempt to engage them in melee, the enemies can easily surround you. 2B Copies are relentless in combat, so you must skillfully dodge their attacks.

During this encounter, hacking is available. Before attempting to hack the copies, try to create some distance between yourself and them, otherwise they may interrupt you with a melee attack.

To emerge victorious, you must eliminate all of the 2B models. This encounter isn’t particularly challenging, but it is fairly lengthy.

Exploring the Tower further

After defeating the 2B copies and watching a cutscene, you will take control of A2. She needs to reach the Tower but does not have to engage enemies. At the entrance of the Tower, Devola will meet you for one final conversation.

Inside the Tower, you will go through the same corridors as 9S but can find new loot along the way.

You will reach the Library, where you need to explore both floors. You can collect regular loot, enter rooms on the first floor, and approach “glowing” bookshelves. By examining the first bookshelf, you can unlock a hacking ability for A2.

New hacking mini-games will appear involving finding black orbs or destroying tall objects. Completing each mini-game in the Library will reward you with a new Archives entry.

The last bookshelf will appear on the ground floor, which triggers a cutscene when approached.

You will switch back to 9S, where you will learn about the need to autoheal to stop the virus. The mini-game requires you to destroy black objects on both sides of the main path while dodging orange projectiles.

After healing yourself, collect the loot around you and continue. You will encounter machines that can fire many bullets at once. Prioritize hacking and regular attacks to win the fight and receive a YoRHa Disposal Archives entry.

You will encounter a group of YoRHa units using Flight Suits. Hacking is recommended to damage these durable enemies. Detonating hacked units can also harm nearby foes.

Use dodging to avoid powerful red energy beams and board one of the Flight Suits after eliminating all foes.

Preliminary Information on Ko-Shi & Ro-Shi Bosses

You will switch between 9S and A2, with each protagonist fighting a spider-like boss:

  1. A2 fights Ko-Shi,
  2. 9S fights Ro-Shi.

The tactics for each protagonist can be found below. After defeating both bosses, they will combine, and you will need to defeat them again.

Ko-Shi Boss Fight (A2) and Cyberspace

The best approach for this boss fight inside the library is to use melee combos and trigger Berserk Mode to empty the boss’ health bar quickly.

Once Ko-Shi departs, you will have access to the lower Library exit that was previously inaccessible. Upon entering the room, you will find several objects, and upon examining the central object, you will be transported to cyberspace. Destroy black objects while following a linear path in cyberspace. Holograms will appear on the arena, and at first, the fight may seem pointless. However, wait for the pod to instruct you not to attack the holograms, and focus on dodging their projectiles while running around the arena. Eventually, the holograms will start fighting each other, and you can either join in or wait for them to kill each other and take care of the only surviving hologram. After leaving cyberspace, you will resume your battle against Ko-Shi. To defeat Ko-Shi, you can use melee attacks, ranged attacks, and Berserk Mode. Pay attention to the yellow cores on Ko-Shi’s appendages, and use the pod to attack them at range. Dodge Ko-Shi’s attacks, including its attempts to crush A2 with its upper limbs and sending out shockwaves. Occasionally, Ko-Shi will withdraw from battle, leaving you to fight a group of regular enemies. Ro-Shi boss fight (9S) requires you to use the Flight Suit throughout the fight. In the second phase, you will enter a circular arena where your camera shifts into the TPP perspective. Keep firing at Ro-Shi while flying in circles and attacking it in melee whenever you see an opportunity. After defeating Ko-Shi and Ro-Shi, they will combine, and the final battle will begin. The game will automatically and repeatedly shift your control between A2 and 9S. Use the unique abilities of the playable protagonist to hack the bosses as 9S and damage them quickly with Berserk Mode as A2.

When combined, they are not too difficult to defeat, but be careful when they become electrified as they temporarily become stronger and can perform a spin attack. It is best to keep your distance and use ranged attacks in this situation. If you are unable to get away in time, focus on dodging to avoid taking damage.

The bosses also have some attacks that are less common:

  1. quickly extending their appendages – dodge by making a side jump,
  2. generating shockwaves (example shown in picture 1) – you can dodge them by double jumping,
  3. shooting red energy beams (example shown in picture 2) – once again, the double jump is your best bet.

After defeating Ko-Shi and Ro-Shi, you will need to make an important decision that will determine the game’s ending. All available choices and their consequences are described in detail on the next page of the walkthrough – Route C and Route D endings.


What is NieR Automata?

NieR Automata is a role-playing video game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix. It was released for PlayStation 4 and PC in 2017. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has been driven to the moon by machines. Players take control of androids 2B, 9S, and A2, who are sent to Earth to fight the machines and reclaim the planet for humanity.

What is Chapter 17 in NieR Automata?

Chapter 17 is the final chapter in NieR Automata and is split into two parts: Route C and Route D. In Route C, players control 9S and A2 as they work together to destroy the tower that controls the machine network. In Route D, players must make a choice that determines the game’s ending. The chapter is known for its emotional story and challenging gameplay.

What is a walkthrough for Chapter 17 in NieR Automata?

A walkthrough for Chapter 17 in NieR Automata is a guide that helps players navigate the story and gameplay of the chapter. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to progress through the chapter, defeat bosses, and make the choices that lead to the different endings. Walkthroughs can be found online or in gaming magazines and can be helpful for players who are stuck or want to experience all the possible endings.

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