NieR Automata: Chapter 5, Route A – complete guide

This page is a complete guide to Chapter 5 of Route A in NieR Automata. This chapter includes the Machine Village exploration and the attack on the city. You will find a walkthrough of this chapter on this page.

You will explore the Machine Village for the first time in this chapter, and it is also the first visit to the City Ruins which has been attacked. This walkthrough will guide you on how to defeat the new bosses, Goliath and Adam and Eve, and also tells you what to expect in Pascal’s village.

  • Machine Recon – exploring the Machine Village
  • Machine Request – delivering packages
  • Assault – reaching the attacked City Ruins
  • Boss – Goliath
  • Flooded City Recon – exploring the underwater cave
  • Bosses – Adam and Eve

Machine Recon – exploring the Machine Village

The chapter begins with your arrival at the Machine Village, led by a friendly machine you met in the Amusement Park. Once you are there, talk to Pascal, the leader of the village, who will introduce himself to you. You can explore the village and do side quests, access an Access Point to save the game, talk to the villagers, meet with the two dealers, and collect loot. The village is multi-levelled, so use ladders to move around and check the mini-map for offshoots with unique loot or machines you can talk to.

Machine Request – delivering packages

To continue the main storyline, meet Pascal again and deliver the Fuel Filter to the Resistance Camp. The Machine Village has two main exits, one leading to the Amusement Park and the other a shorter path to the City Ruins. After delivering the Fuel Filter, pick up Viscous Oil from Anemone at the Resistance Camp.

Assault – reaching the attacked City Ruins

After delivering the Viscous Oil to Pascal, you will hear about the attack on the city over the radio. Save your game and head towards the exit from the village. Take the left path to the Amusement Park instead of the city to unlock the hidden ending H related to not helping the people in the city. Otherwise, continue to the City Ruins to progress the story.

Once you resume the game at the Access Point, choose the correct path on your right to return to the City Ruins. There, you’ll find a massive invasion of enemy machines, including a Goliath.

A new radio message will inform you of the planned delivery of Flight Suits, and you must reach the delivery zone. On your way, you can ignore ordinary machines and the Goliath.

You must climb to the roof of one of the buildings using stairs and performing double jumps near large holes in the ceiling.

Boss – Goliath

Upon reaching the lower part of the roof, the first part of the fight with Goliath will begin. It will look similar to the fight with poss from the prologue that had an identical name.

Attack Goliath with Pod weapons and activate its program (special ability) as soon as it becomes available. Try to run to the sides a lot to avoid bullet groups fired by the big machine.

Goliath, just like the previous one, can hit you with its upper limbs, which end with working saws. These attacks are quite slow, and you can evade or sprint to the side in advance. After each missed attack of the Goliath, you can attack his limbs with a melee weapon to reduce his health faster.

Watch out for the double upper limb attack, and always try to stand exactly between them (example in the above picture).

Continue your attacks until the Goliath loses its entire health bar. Then go to the neighboring roof where the Flight Suits are located, and interact with the one reserved for 2B.

The second part of the fight with Goliath will happen in mid-air. You can attack the boss from a distance (remember about the rocket fire activated with L1), and also in close-combat if you have the opportunity.

During the fight, pay attention to the Goliath’s strong laser attack. Move to the side in advance and take advantage of the fact that you can easily attack the boss when he misses with his laser attack.

The boss can activate a rocket fire of its own. They are very clearly signaled, so you can easily evade them or try to shoot some of the rockets down in mid-air.

Goliath’s upper limb swings are dangerous. If you want to avoid taking damage, you have to evade just before the limb nears your Flight Suit. The Goliath won’t surprise you with anything else. Keep fighting until you take away all of its energy bar for the second time.

Flooded City Recon – explore the underwater cave

You will receive a new mission objective to investigate the Flooded City. At the same time, you’ll witness a lot of destruction in the central part of the City Ruins. A kind of a crater appeared there, and you have to go there to continue the storyline.

Your destination is the large hole in the crater, shown in the picture. Jump into it and start the slow fall.

While exploring the caves, use the flashlight (press the left analog stick) and defeat some small machines along the way. The only available path in the caves will lead you to a spaceship. You will encounter new bosses in this location – Adam and Eve.

Bosses – Adam and Eve

This boss fight has two main features:

  1. 2B needs to defeat Eve. You don’t have to worry about fighting two bosses at once. 9S will be occupied in the background fighting Adam, which is completely separate from your confrontation.
  2. This fight forces a side camera view, which can make it more challenging to play. You will have less room to move around. Focus on evading frequently and look for opportunities to jump over the opponent if they back you into the end of the combat area.

Tip – If you have Network Features turned on, you may notice at least one other player’s body in this location. Reviving and healing them can give you a temporary ally in the fight against Eve.

To attack Eve, you can use ranged and close-combat weapons (use the Pod program as well). Flawlessly activated evades work well with close-combat weapons and allow for a strong counterattack. This may even let you throw Eve into the air and attack while she is temporarily defenseless.

Eve can attempt to pull 2B towards her. Once you recognize this attack, move away from the boss as soon as she starts to perform it.

One of the boss’s more serious attacks involves surrounding herself with a protective barrier that sends a wave of energy towards you. You need to evade at the right time to avoid taking damage.

Eve adapts to your actions. If you fight in close-combat, expect dangerous kicks from the boss that you need to evade. If you want to fight from a distance, the boss may shoot bullets at you. Use evades or a quick double jump.

You cannot defeat Eve in the end, but the fight will end relatively quickly when the boss loses about half of her health bar. A new cutscene will play automatically.


1. What is NieR Automata?

NieR Automata is an action role-playing video game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players control androids from the YoRHa units, tasked with reclaiming Earth from alien machines. The game features a unique storyline, multiple endings, and fast-paced combat.

2. What is Chapter 5 in Route A of NieR Automata?

Chapter 5 is titled “The Tower” and is the fifth chapter in Route A of NieR Automata. In this chapter, the player must climb a massive tower in order to reach the top and confront the enemy at the end. Along the way, they will encounter various enemies and obstacles that they must overcome. This chapter also features several boss battles and a major plot twist.

3. How do I beat the boss in Chapter 5?

The boss in Chapter 5 is a giant machine called “Engels.” To defeat it, the player must first destroy its armor plating, which will expose its weak point. The player can then attack the weak point while avoiding its attacks. It is important to stay mobile and dodge its attacks, as they can deal a lot of damage. The player should also use their pod’s ranged attacks to deal extra damage. Once the boss is defeated, the player can continue climbing the tower.

4. Are there any side quests in Chapter 5?

Yes, there are several side quests that the player can complete in Chapter 5. These quests are optional but can provide the player with additional experience, items, and story content. Some of the side quests involve helping other androids in the area, while others involve defeating powerful enemies. It is recommended to complete as many side quests as possible to gain an advantage in later chapters.

5. What happens at the end of Chapter 5?

At the end of Chapter 5, the player reaches the top of the tower and confronts the enemy. This leads to a major plot twist that sets up the rest of the game’s story. Without spoiling too much, the player will have to make a difficult decision that will affect the game’s ending. After completing Chapter 5, the player can continue on to Chapter 6 and beyond.

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