NieR Automata: Chapter 7, Route A – step-by-step guide

If you’re playing Route A in NieR Automata, this page provides a solucja for Chapter 7 – Flooded City. On this page, you’ll find a detailed walkthrough that covers how to reach the Flooded City, where to find flight suits, and how to defeat the boss – Grun.

  • Report on A2 – meeting with Pascal
  • Resupply – visit to the Resistance Camp
  • Missile Supply Mission – travel to the Flooded City
  • Fight in the air using Flight Suits
  • Mini-boss Goliath Flyer
  • Grun Boss (colossus attacking the coast) – the first phase of the fight
  • Grun Boss – the second phase of the fight
  • Grun Boss – the third phase of the fight

Report on A2 – meeting with Pascal

You need to return to Machine Village, but you don’t have to go through the forest or use fast travel. Go back to the courtyard of the castle and meet friendly machines who will open a large gate. This new shortcut will help you reach your destination faster (you can also find a new side quest in the area).

Talk to Pascal in the village and decide to transfer the data.

Note that during your first visit to the Machine Village, you’ll have a chance to unlock hidden ending N. However, save your game before attempting it. This ending involves attacking friendly machines from Pascal’s Village, which can be challenging to locate. Check behind single huts and shelves, and examine the area near the village entrance to eliminate all machines. Afterward, the ending will unlock, but you’ll return to your previous saved state and can continue playing.

Resupply – visit to the Resistance Camp

When you reach the Resistance Camp, listen to the conversation on the radio and meet with Anemone. You cannot influence this conversation.

Missile Supply Mission – travel to the Flooded City

Go to the newly unlocked tunnel marked on the map. You can focus on the main objective or explore optional forks to collect loot. This path will lead you to Flooded City.

After defeating the machines in the area, unlock the Access Point so you can return later. You can also start or finish some side quests in the Flooded City.

You need to reach the coast marked as the next mission objective. Be careful not to fall into the water because the characters cannot swim. If you do, you’ll be revived at the shore with a slightly reduced health bar.

To pass large water tanks, use double jumps, dash in flight (R2), and eject from the pod (R1 X). You don’t have to defeat all the machines you come across, but eliminating flying ones can make the journey easier. After reaching the designated place, Flight Suits will appear, and you’ll have a new conversation with the Operator. Note that you’ve reached an unofficial point of no return, and using the Flight Suits will cause you to join a series of fights on the coast, preventing you from completing some side quests from the journal. Try to complete as many quests as possible, but don’t worry if some tasks are too difficult. You can deal with them during Route B or later when you unlock the Chapter Select option.

To fight in the air using Flight Suits, eliminate the machines appearing on the screen and dodge their ranged attacks. Activate rockets to weaken and/or destroy larger groups of machines. Watch out for machines firing red lasers and get rid of them first. The mini-boss, Goliath Flyer, is much larger and requires more effort to destroy. Start firing and use rockets (L1) as soon as they are charged. Destroy the projectiles flying in your direction or skillfully maneuver between them. Goliath Flyer will also fire large homing rockets at you, which you can try to destroy or quickly change position to avoid. The boss can also shoot a wide red beam of energy that moves, so avoid the beam for a few seconds even after it starts firing again. Keep firing until Goliath Flyer is destroyed.

The main boss, Grun, is a giant fish-shaped machine that requires a longer and more demanding battle. Start by dealing with smaller machines that appear and avoid contact with red energy beams fired by the boss. Destroy the marked EMP generator on the Colossus body and eliminate smaller machines while moving towards the next objective.

When approaching the EMP generator, aim for the smaller cores that shoot yellow energy beams first.

Destroy all the smaller cores to expose the main EMP generator and continuously fire to eliminate the missiles coming towards you. Destroy the EMP generator.

Grun Boss – Second Phase of the Fight

Watch the cut-scene and proceed to the second part of the fight with Grun. The colossus is surrounded by an electromagnetic barrier.

Destroy smaller machines and avoid the red beams of energy. Fight until 4B with the YoRHa squad arrive.

Another cut-scene will appear, and you will land on dry land. Interact with the big canon on the shore.

Wait for the colossus to open its mouth, which is its weak point, and aim so that the missiles go into the mouth. Repeat this several times.

Grun Boss – Third Phase of the Fight

In the third phase, use the Flight Suits again. Defeat the machines that appear on the screen and wait until 9S pulls out his action plan.

Watch out for the boss’ large limbs and position yourself to avoid getting hit.

Destroy the smaller cores of the EMP generator and then attack the main generator after patiently waiting and defending yourself.

Repeat the steps of destroying small machines and generators while avoiding the yellow energy beams. The defeated colossus explodes, and 2B returns to the coast alone.


1. What is the objective of Chapter 7 in Route A of NieR: Automata?

The objective of Chapter 7 in Route A of NieR: Automata is to infiltrate the enemy base located on the moon. The player, as the android 2B, must fight their way through waves of machines and bosses to reach the base and uncover the truth about the enemy’s plans. This chapter is filled with intense combat sequences and challenging puzzles, making it one of the most exciting parts of the game.

2. How can I defeat the boss at the end of Chapter 7?

The boss at the end of Chapter 7 in Route A of NieR: Automata is a tough opponent, but there are a few strategies that can be used to defeat it. First, make sure to have a decent level and equipment before facing the boss. Using ranged attacks and dodging its attacks can also be effective. Additionally, it’s important to pay attention to the boss’s patterns and weaknesses and adjust your strategy accordingly. With patience and persistence, the boss can be defeated and the player can move on to the next chapter.

3. Are there any hidden secrets or items in Chapter 7 of NieR: Automata?

Yes, there are several hidden secrets and items that can be found in Chapter 7 of NieR: Automata. Exploring every corner of the enemy base can reveal hidden rooms and treasure chests containing valuable items such as weapons and chips. There are also several side quests that can be completed for additional rewards. Paying attention to environmental cues and exploring thoroughly can help the player uncover all the secrets of this chapter.

4. Can I replay Chapter 7 of NieR: Automata?

Yes, players can replay any chapter of NieR: Automata at any time. This can be useful for completing side quests, finding missed items, or simply experiencing the story again. To replay a chapter, select it from the main menu and choose the desired difficulty level. Keep in mind that some items and quests may only be available during certain chapters, so it’s important to explore thoroughly and complete all objectives the first time through.

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