NieR Automata: How to Heal and Recover Health?

This page of the NieR Automata game guide contains vital information on how to keep your character alive. You will learn about healing methods, whether health regenerates automatically or not, how to increase the effectiveness of healing, and ways to extend your character’s health bar.

  • Key information on losing and recovering health
  • Manual recovery
  • Automatic health recovery
  • Extending the health bar

Key information on losing and recovering health

In NieR Automata, your character does not regenerate health automatically by default. Be quick to react when your character loses more than half of their health bar due to enemy attacks – at this point, it is easy to die if enemies land 1-2 strong attacks. As you progress through the game, you will discover automatic health regeneration options that can occur under certain conditions, which are listed below.

Death in the game has serious consequences, and you should always ensure that your health does not reach a dangerously low level. Relying on ranged combat using the pod can help you avoid frequent injuries. However, the pod will not win every fight for you, so make sure to evade and counterattack often. All this will allow you to keep your character in good health for longer.

Manual recovery

You can heal yourself by using items from the Recovery group, which come in three varieties: small, medium, and large. Recovery items can be found alongside other loot in the game world, occasionally received as rewards for completing quests, or purchased from traders – use the latter option as a last resort if you run out of medicine.

In later stages of the game, you will find stronger recovery items and medicines with additional effects. For example, Cure All Heal All from the above screenshot will instantly restore you to full health and cure all diseases / negative statuses. These types of objects are best left for the most difficult fights in the game.

You can consume medicines by opening the system menu or using a shortcut by pressing the bottom directional button. A list of consumable items will then appear in the lower left corner of the screen, and you can select the medicine you want to use. The game won’t be paused while selecting a cure, so be careful not to be attacked by enemies again.

An alternative and less useful method to recover health is by resting. This method will become available in locations such as the Resistance Camp, where your characters will receive their own room.

Automated Health Boost

Installing chips that impact your character’s regeneration and health bar can provide you with automated health recovery. The installation and usage of these chips have been described in detail on the “Chips – How to Install?” page.

Chips can be found in-game, obtained as rewards for completing quests, or purchased from specific traders.

Several types of chips can aid you in recovering health:

Deadly Heal – This chip allows you to recover lost health every time you defeat an opponent. It is especially useful when battling weaker enemies in groups.

Offensive Heal – This chip has a similar effect to the previous one. It enables you to regain a small portion of your health points by dealing damage to opponents. Here, you will instantly recover HP without having to kill your enemy.

Auto Heal – With this chip, your character’s lost health will automatically be restored if they have not taken any damage in the last few seconds. It is advisable to avoid direct confrontation and instead use ranged combat and dodging when you have this chip installed.

Auto-use Item – Chips under this category will automatically restore lost health points. The game will consume medicine from your inventory when the character’s health drops to a dangerously low level.

Expanding Your Health Bar

Your health bar is permanently expanded each time you level up, making your character more formidable during fights against higher-level opponents.

You can also temporarily expand your health bar with the right chips. These chips belong to the Max HP Up group. The higher the version of the chip, the more significant the increase in health percentage that you receive while using it.


What are the ways to recover health in NieR Automata?

In NieR Automata, there are several ways to recover your health. The most common way is by using healing items such as recovery items, which can be found in the game or purchased from shops. You can also recover health by picking up small white orbs that are dropped by defeated enemies. These orbs slowly regenerate your health over time.

Are there any other ways to recover health besides healing items and orbs?

Yes, there are a few other ways to recover health in NieR Automata. One way is by using the Pod program called “Heal,” which uses energy to regenerate your health over time. Another way is by equipping certain chips that can regenerate your health or increase the amount of health you recover from items and orbs. Lastly, if you are playing as 2B, you can use her “Hijack” ability to take control of certain enemies and use them to attack other enemies. When you successfully take control of an enemy, your health is automatically restored to full.

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