NieR Automata: How to Install Chips?

This section of the NieR Automata game guide provides instructions on how to install Plug-in Chips from the Skills menu. You will gain knowledge on the installation requirements and limitations, how to increase your character’s operating system’s storage and the issues that may arise during the installation of chips.

  • Basic Information on Using Chips
  • Storage – What is it and How to Increase It?
  • Installing Chips
  • Removing Chips

Basic Information on Using Chips

In NieR Automata, chips can be described as passive skills. They can increase some of your character’s current stats (e.g. increase your melee weapon damage) and add new automatic passive abilities (e.g. temporarily invincible after taking damage).

Only chips that are currently installed provide the bonuses to statistics and new abilities. All other chips in the inventory remain inactive. Fortunately, the game allows you to install and remove chips freely, so you can manage them according to your preferences.

The game has storage limits for the chips used. You will be able to use a relatively small number of them, and you must select the most useful chips and remove those that consume a lot of resources. Fortunately, this limit can be increased and we will describe how to do this later on this page.

Chips are managed in the Skills tab, and you must select the Plug-in Chips sub-menu. You can prepare up to three different sets of chips and switch between them depending on your preferences. If you do not want to complicate the gameplay, you can use only one set (e.g. Type A) and continuously upgrade it.

Storage – What is it and How to Increase It?

Using chips involves installing new programs in the operating system of the controlled android. The OS has a limited storage capacity that cannot be exceeded.

The information about the storage currently in use and the maximum storage is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, starting at 40.

Installing each new chip will consume some storage space. The higher the chip quality, the higher its requirements will be. In the screenshot above, the chip consumes 7 units and has a quality of 3.

Look for chips marked with a black rhombus icon (like the one in the attached screenshot). They offer the best ratio of storage requirements to effectiveness.

You can buy upgrades to increase the default storage limit and add new slots. To do this, visit the Maintenance Shop Owner at the Resistance Camp.

They continuously stock items from the Storage group, and each item will permanently increase your operating system storage. Spend all the gold you gather in the initial hours of the game on these upgrades. This will allow you to start using more chips and/or higher-quality chips with higher requirements faster.

Installation of Chips

When accessing the Plug-in Chips menu, you have two options: to view all of your acquired chips or to filter them by system, attack, defense, or support categories. You can select any of the available chips, prioritize certain categories, and ignore chips or entire categories that do not interest you.

Once you highlight a chip, you can select it and then place it on the right “tower” symbolizing the available space in the operating system. Each chip has a symbolized bar, and the size of the bar depends on the chip’s requirements.

If you face difficulties placing the bar in an empty space, you can use the Optimize option to sort the installed chips and make it easier for you to install more. Also, if you cannot install the chip, compare its requirements with the current available storage space. For example, if you have occupied 37 of the 56 slots, you can only install a chip that consumes less than 19 units.

Removing Chips

You can also remove chips you do not need to free up space. Installed chips are indicated by an icon to the left of their name. To uninstall a chip, highlight it, and then choose the option from the menu.

A helpful tip is to remove some of the HUD-related chips, especially in the early game. Removing each chip from this category will reduce the information displayed on the screen, but it will free up valuable space for chips that can be helpful in winning battles.


1. What are chips in NieR Automata and why are they important?

Chips are a crucial part of NieR Automata’s gameplay mechanics. They are essentially upgrades that can be installed to enhance your character’s abilities, such as increasing their attack power or defense. There are also chips that provide passive bonuses, like increased experience gain or item drop rates. The more chips you have installed, the stronger your character will be.

2. How do I obtain chips in NieR Automata?

You can obtain chips by defeating enemies, opening chests, or purchasing them from certain vendors. Some chips are also automatically obtained through story progression. It’s important to note that some chips are rarer than others and may require more effort to obtain.

3. How do I install chips in NieR Automata?

To install chips, you first need to access the main menu and select the chips option. From there, you can view all of the chips you currently have in your possession. You can then choose which chips you want to install by selecting them and assigning them to available slots. It’s important to note that each chip takes up a certain amount of space, so you will need to manage your chip inventory carefully.

4. Can I remove or replace chips in NieR Automata?

Yes, you can remove or replace chips at any time by accessing the main menu and selecting the chips option. From there, you can select the chip you want to remove or replace and either unequip it or swap it out for a different chip. Keep in mind that some chips may be more useful in certain situations than others, so it’s a good idea to experiment with different chip combinations.

5. Are there any tips for optimizing my chip setup in NieR Automata?

There are a few things to keep in mind when optimizing your chip setup. First, make sure to balance offense and defense by equipping chips that enhance both areas. Second, consider equipping chips that provide passive bonuses, as they can be very helpful in the long run. Finally, try to choose chips that complement your playstyle. For example, if you prefer using long-range attacks, equipping chips that enhance ranged damage would be a good choice.

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