NieR Automata: How to Return to Prologue Factory?

In this NieR Automata game guide, we will explain how to return to the factory from the prologue campaign. The primary reason for returning is to retrieve equipment from the prologue, but you may also want to complete side quests that require you to be near the factory.

The following walkthrough contains spoilers about events that occur in the game’s prologue. We recommend you to read it only after completing the campaign’s prologue, i.e., after leaving the factory where all the initial battles are fought.

  • Basic Information
  • Returning to the Factory for Equipment

Basic Information

You will spend approximately the first hour of the game in the factory. It will teach you some basic mechanics, and you will take part in a series of battles. While in the factory, you won’t be able to explore the rest of the world.

In addition to fights against regular opponents in the prologue, you will also have to fight a goliath. After defeating the machine, the characters will be surrounded by other goliaths and decide to detonate a kind of bomb that will result in their “deaths.” Once you appear in the bunker, you will lose the equipment you had in the prologue. It will remain on the body in the factory, and the game will let you return to the location of the first boss fight to search 2B’s body and recover all the equipment from the prologue.

Returning to the Factory for Equipment

As soon as you leave the bunker and reach the City Ruins, you can choose to return to the factory. Once in the area of the ruins, seek out the location from the above screenshots. You can jump on the truck and then keep double jumping until you reach the destroyed bridge.

Head straight for the damaged bridge, as it will allow you to reach the vicinity of the factory. Of course, activate the Access Point that you find here so that you will be able to fast travel to this location later in the game.

Near the access point, there are stairs, and a fairly linear path will lead you to the place where you fought against the goliath earlier.

Look for the Virtuous Treaty katana that is stuck in the ground. It will be added to your inventory, and you will be able to use it later in the campaign.

There’s also a body nearby. You can interact with it and recover the equipment you had during the prologue.


1. How do I access the Prologue factory in NieR Automata?

To access the Prologue factory, you must first complete the game’s opening sequence. This will take you through a tutorial level and introduce you to the game’s controls. Once you’ve completed this, you’ll be taken to the Resistance Camp. From here, head to the teleporter and select the “City Ruins: Near the Tower” option. Once you’ve arrived, head towards the giant tower in the distance. You should see a small path leading towards it. Follow this path and you’ll eventually come across the entrance to the Prologue factory.

2. Can I return to the Prologue factory once I’ve completed it?

Yes, you can return to the Prologue factory at any time after completing it. To do so, simply head back to the City Ruins and follow the same path that you took to get there the first time. The entrance to the Prologue factory will still be there, and you can enter it whenever you like.

3. Is there anything worth going back to the Prologue factory for?

Yes, there are a few things worth going back to the Prologue factory for. Firstly, there are a number of items and materials that you can collect there, which can be useful for upgrading your weapons and equipment. Additionally, there are a few side quests that take place in the factory, which you may not have completed during your first visit. Finally, the factory is also home to a few unique enemies and bosses, which can provide a fun challenge if you’re looking for one.

4. Are there any special requirements for returning to the Prologue factory?

No, there are no special requirements for returning to the Prologue factory. As long as you’ve completed the opening sequence and reached the City Ruins, you can head back to the factory whenever you like.

5. Can I replay the Prologue sequence?

Unfortunately, there is no way to replay the Prologue sequence once you’ve completed it. However, if you’re looking for a similar experience, there are a number of side quests and other areas in the game that offer similar gameplay and story elements.

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