NieR Automata: Machine Village – walkthrough, side missions

On this page, you will find a walkthrough for the side missions available in the Machine Village in NieR Automata. It includes information on when you can unlock the optional quests, what they entail, the important choices you will have to make, and the rewards for completing each quest.

  • Unlocking the Machine Village
  • Jean-Paul’s Melancholy
  • Lost Girl
  • The Wandering Couple
  • Half-wit Inventor
  • Family Squabble
  • The Recluse
  • The Recluse Stays Home
  • The Permanent Recluse
  • Data on the Old World
  • Idiot Savant
  • Vanquish the Bad Bot
  • Storage Element
  • Play with Us!

Unlocking the Machine Village

To unlock the Machine Village, you need to defeat the Opera Singer in Amusement Park and meet a friendly machine. This occurs in chapter 5.

Note that not all quests will be available at the start of the game. Some will only become available later or when specific requirements are met.

Jean-Paul’s Melancholy

To start this quest, talk to the machine with a hat named Jean-Paul in the Machine Village, which you can visit in chapter 5. It’s recommended to do this quest after unlocking the fast travel function, as you’ll need to visit two locations twice.

Your objective is to meet three other machines and collect quest items from them in any order. Here are the locations and items:

1) Machine with Makeup – You’ll find this machine in the Machine Village. It stands at the end of one of the paths. You will receive Letter for Jean-Paul.

2) Machine with a Dream – You’ll find this machine in the Amusement Park. You will receive Beautiful Glass.

3) Machine in Love – You’ll find this machine in Desert Housing. You will receive Machine Fossil.

Once you have all three items, return to Jean-Paul and hand them over to him. You’ll then need to talk to each of the three machines again. After that, talk to the Ball-like Machine to receive Jean-Paul’s Letter and complete the quest.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  1. Medium Recovery x2
  2. Beast Hide x5
  3. EXP Gain Up 3 Chip – a useful chip that, once installed, will help you earn more experience points
  4. 5,000G
  5. 500XP

Lost Girl

To start this quest, talk to the Big Sister Machine at the bottom of the Machine Village in chapter 5 and offer your help in the search for a lost girl.

The quest requires you to search for the lost machine-sister in the largest area of the red circle on the Desert Zone. Once you find the Little Sister Machine, you must escort her to the outskirts of the desert, being careful not to move too far away from her. Along the way, you will be attacked by groups of enemies, with each group being bigger than the previous one. The final group will have a Goliath Biped, so it’s recommended that you use melee weapons and not just ranged attacks.

After reaching the narrow passageway, the Little Sister Machine will give you the Pink Ribbon cosmetic item, which you can put on in the Key Items tab. Once you return to the Machine Village and talk to Big Sister Machine, you will receive rewards and complete the quest. The rewards include a Blue Ribbon, 5,000G, and 750XP.

The Wandering Couple

You can start this quest by talking to the Resistance Member in the Machine Village during chapter 5. To complete the quest, you need to obtain an Elaborate Gadget from the Abandoned Factory, where you fought two big Buzzsaws during the prologue. Return it to the Resistance members in the Machine Village.

The deserters will then ask for your help in escaping the machine village. You need to wait for a new marker to appear on the world map in Flooded City, which is unlocked in chapter 7. Find the deserters in the marked place, give them 50,000 gold for their escape, and then interact with both the male and female deserters in the Amusement Park. You will need to find Memory Alloy to complete the quest, which can be obtained by killing Medium Bipeds in the City Ruins.

Completing the quest will reward you with various items and rewards.

  1. Pearl x5
  2. Medium Recovery x3
  3. Moldavite x4
  4. Black Pearl x4
  5. Full Recovery x1
  6. Overclock 3 Chip
  7. A080: Wave – one of the programs you can install on any of the owned Pods
  8. 5,000G 10,000G
  9. 200XP 750XP

The Simple-Minded Inventor

Quest giver: Machine Scientist (Machine Village)

This quest can be started during Chapter 5. You need to examine the path that links the Machine Village with the Amusement Park. There are wooden shelves by one of the big trees. Perform double jumps to reach higher shelves. The quest giver is on the highest of them.

Quest description: The inventor wants you to support his research financially by promising various rewards in return. If you want to unlock all the rewards associated with this quest, you will need to invest a total of 180,000G. Fortunately, you do not have to spend such a huge amount of money right away. You can give smaller donations to the scientist and gradually receive prizes from the list below.

  1. Donate at least 1,000 gold to receive Broken Circuit, Copper Ore and Rusted Clump.
  2. Donate at least 2,000 gold to receive a Down-Attack Up Chip, Silver Ore.
  3. Donate at least 4,000 gold to receive Ranged Defense Up (L).
  4. Donate at least 5,000 gold to receive a Medium Recovery.
  5. Donate at least 10,000 gold to receive Meteorite, Reset 1 chip.
  6. Donate at least 20,000 gold to receive the Impact Bracer (L), Speed Salve (L).
  7. Donate at least 35,000 gold to receive Choice Sachet (makes taming animals easier).
  8. Donate at least 60,000 gold to receive Crushed Nut, Dented Plate.
  9. Donate at least 80,000 gold to receive Meteorite Shard, Charge Attack 3 chip.
  10. Donate at least 180,000 gold to unlock a new store. It sells very rare items – Meteorite Shard for 15,000G and Alien Mask for 20,000G.

Family Dispute

Quest giver: Mother Machine (Machine Village)

You can complete this quest in Chapter 5. The marker shown in the image should appear on the path leading to the Machine Village from the City Ruins.

When you get there, you’ll witness an argument. Talk to the Mother Machine. You will be asked to find the child.

A marker associated with this quest will appear in the City Ruins – it is near the place where you can do the quests from the Robo Dojo group. The escaped child will be attacked by other machines – you have to deal with them.

Talk to the Lost Machine and defeat another group of machines. After that, go together towards Pascal’s village. Expect more clashes along the way – the enemies should be around levels 15-18. Safely bringing the child near the passage leading to the Machine Village to pass the quest.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  1. Broken Battery x3
  2. Deadly Heal 3 Chip – a very useful chip thanks to which you can heal by defeating opponents
  3. Impact Bracer (L) x1
  4. Medium Recovery x1
  5. 10,000G
  6. 750XP

The Hermit

Quest giver: Ordinary Machine (Machine Village). The quest is only available in Route B.

Route B Quests in NieR: Automata

Quest: The Recluse

This quest can be done after reaching Chapter 6 in Route B. Go to Pascal’s village and find the machine that needs help. They will tell you that their child has locked themselves in a nearby hut. Use hacking to enter the hut and complete the mini-game by destroying black objects and following the correct path. At the end, destroy the black ball. Rewards include Evade Range Up 3 Chip, Machine Arm x2, Small Recovery x1, Ranged Attack Up (S) x1, 3,000G, and 1300XP.

Quest: The Recluse Stays Home

This quest is only available in Route B and can be done after completing the previous quest. Talk to the same machine in Pascal’s village and use hacking on the hut’s door. The mini-game is slightly more difficult, but follow the same strategy of destroying black objects and following the correct path. Rewards include Medium Recovery x1, Machine Leg x2, Ranged Attack Up (L) x1, Resilience 3 Chip, 5,000G, and 1,650XP.

Quest: The Permanent Recluse

This quest is only available in Route B and can be done after completing the previous quest. Talk to the same machine in Pascal’s village and use hacking on the hut’s door again. The mini-game is even more challenging, so focus on shooting black blocks and avoiding orange blocks. Rewards include Large Recovery x1, Damage Absorb 3 Chip, Machine Head x2, Skill Salve (L) x1, Machine Torso x2, 10,000G, and 2000XP.

Quest: Data on the Old World

This quest is available in Route B and can be done after reaching Chapter 6. Talk to Pascal in the machine village to start the quest.

The quest called “Heritage of the Past” involves Pascal who wants to gather information about an ancient civilization. The objective is to locate Archives, which are stored in specific chests that can only be opened by 9S’s hacking. Once you discover an Archive, the quest will be updated. There is a possibility that some of the Archives will already be unlocked when you begin the quest, allowing you to give them directly to Pascal. The quest giver will offer to pay for each Archive with gold, and the amount of gold varies.

In the second part of the quest, you must find the Nuclear Arms Manual archive. You should search one of the buildings in the City Ruins, which can be identified by the roots growing out of it.

There are two different ways to complete the quest. The first option is to give Pascal the archive, and in return, you will receive Heal Drops Up 6 Chip, Clean Nut x3, Skill Salve (L) x1, Large Recovery x1, 3,000G, and 1300XP. The second option is to bring the archive to the Commander in the bunker, and as a reward, you will receive Meteorite x1, Large Recovery 1, Stun 6 Chip, and 5,000G.

It is crucial not to postpone this quest because it may be canceled. If that happens, you will have to use the chapter select option to start it again.

Idiot Savant

The quest giver for “Idiot Savant” is the Friend Machine located in the Machine Village, and it is only available during Route B.

During Chapter 6, visit the Machine Village, and you will notice the quest icon above one of the machines. Talk to the Friend Machine to begin the quest.

The objective of the quest is to hack into the mind of a machine that has logical thinking issues. As 9S, you must hold Triangle to start a unique version of the hacking mini-game, where the map is divided into 9 squares. The enemies are unable to destroy the black blocks, making it easier to eliminate them one by one. It is essential to move around a lot and start with the most challenging objects to destroy, such as those that keep shooting, to reduce the risk of repeating the entire mini-game.

Upon completion of the quest, you will receive Machine Arm x2, Machine Leg x2, Machine Head x2, Machine Torso x2, Machine Core x1, Hijack Boost 6 Chip, 10,000G, and 1300XP.

Vanquish the Bad Bot

The quest giver for “Vanquish the Bad Bot” is Pascal, located in the Machine Village, and it is part of Chapter 14 (Routes C and D), where you play as A2. During the main storyline, you will need to obtain a fuel filter, which will allow you to help the machines in the village. Talk to Pascal to begin the quest.

The task is short and straightforward. To complete it, find a ladder leading to the lowest level of the village, where the camera switches to TPP. Defeat a single enemy, and after winning the fight, return to Pascal.

Upon completion of the quest, you will receive a reward.

  1. Three Sturdy Sockets
  2. Two Medium Recoveries
  3. Two Memory Alloys
  4. 3,000G
  5. 1600XP

Storage Element

The quest giver is Pascal, located in the Machine Village. This quest can be completed after finishing the side mission “Vanquish the Bad Bot”. Talk to Pascal and offer your help.

The task is to obtain the Storage Element. Head to the Abandoned Factory and go to the red area marked on the map. You can find the item in the location shown in the image above. Defeat the machines that come out of the side containers and retrieve the item. Return it to Pascal to complete the quest.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  1. Three Dyes
  2. Two Moldavites
  3. One Full Recovery
  4. One Meteorite
  5. 10,000G
  6. 2000XP

Play with Us!

The quest giver is a Child Machine in the Machine Village. This quest can be started in Chapter 14 (Routes C and D) after completing the “Vanquish the Bad Bot” quest. Talk to the children-machines and agree to buy something for them.

Speak to the Tool Shop Machine located on the right side of the level with two traders in the village. Provide the merchant with five Toy Materials to create a gift for the children.

The Toy Materials can be found in the Amusement Park. Search the red circles on the map and interact with the glowing loot on the ground to retrieve them. Jump on one of the ferris wheel carriages to get one of the items and reach the platform where the roller coaster appears to get the other.

Return to the merchant in the village and wait for him to finish building the gift. Collect the reward from the children.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  1. Five Plant Seeds
  2. Five Silver Ores
  3. 3,000G
  4. 2000XP


What is NieR Automata: Machine Village?

NieR Automata: Machine Village is a location in the video game NieR Automata. It is home to a community of robots who have established their own village in the ruins of an old factory. The village is led by Pascal, a peaceful machine who seeks to create a world where machines and androids can live together in harmony. As the player, you can visit Machine Village to take on side missions and interact with its unique inhabitants.

What are some of the side missions in Machine Village?

There are several side missions available in Machine Village, each with their own unique objectives and rewards. Some examples include:

  • “The Wandering Couple” – Help a pair of robots find each other in the vast desert.
  • “Stamp Collecting” – Collect stamps scattered throughout the village for a reward.
  • “Machine Examination” – Investigate a malfunctioning machine and determine the cause of its behavior.

Completing these side missions can earn you valuable items and experience points to help you progress through the main story.

How do I access Machine Village?

Machine Village becomes accessible after completing the main story mission “A2: An Unlikely Duo”. After completing this mission, you can fast travel to Machine Village from any access point in the game.

What is the significance of Machine Village in NieR Automata?

Machine Village serves as a symbol of the game’s overarching themes of conflict and unity. Through interacting with the robots who inhabit the village, the player is able to see that despite being created to serve different purposes, machines and androids alike are capable of forming meaningful connections and working towards a common goal. The peaceful existence of Machine Village stands in stark contrast to the violence and chaos that exists in other areas of the game, making it a poignant reminder of the potential for harmony in a world torn apart by war.

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