NieR Automata: Route B Chapter 4 Walkthrough

In this guide for NieR Automata, we will be providing a walkthrough for Chapter 4 of Route B, which takes place in the Amusement Park. This chapter features unique events as you play as 9S, including boss fights against the Goliath Tank and Simone (Opera Singer). We will cover all the new content that appears in this route and highlight the differences from Route A’s Chapter 4.

  • Amusement Park
  • Optional Goliath Tank Boss Fight – playing as 9S
  • Simone Boss Fight – playing as 9S
  • Pascal

Amusement Park

In Route B, you cannot fast travel to the Amusement Park Access Point unlocked in Route A. Instead, you must go through the sewers connecting the City Ruins to the Amusement Park. You can expect additional cutscenes while fulfilling the same mission objectives as in Route A.

Optional Goliath Tank Boss Fight – playing as 9S

During this chapter, you can enter the optional fight against the giant tank. It’s recommended to fight the boss as it rewards the player with loot and experience points. You can hack the tank to deal damage quicker, but be careful not to get run over by the tank. The hacking mini-games during the boss fight will also be more challenging.

Simone Boss Fight – playing as 9S

Simone is the Opera Singer, and during the first phase of the boss fight, you cannot hack her. You must rely on 9S’s regular attacks or on help from resurrected fallen players. Defend yourself from hostile hacking as the dead androids will gain the ability to hack into 9S. In the second phase, you can hack the Opera Singer, dealing damage quicker than regular attacks.

Once Simone falls, a non-interactive text cut-scene will commence where you can only increase the speed of the text.


During Route B, players have the opportunity to acquire a new close-combat weapon. Upon defeating the boss, exit the stage room and venture down the main building’s side corridor depicted in Picture 1. This will lead you to an elevator. Take it to the basement and traverse through it. Inside the room with functioning TVs, a locked chest awaits that can be hacked open, revealing the unique Demon’s Cry weapon. This location is noteworthy as it presents various side quests that become available later in the campaign.

Similar to Route A, the chapter concludes with meeting Pascal in the central area of the Amusement Park and accompanying her to the Machine Village.


What is NieR Automata?

NieR Automata is a role-playing game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix. It was released in 2017 and is set in a post-apocalyptic world where androids fight against machines to reclaim Earth for humanity. The game features an open-world environment and a unique combat system combining melee and ranged attacks. The story is divided into multiple chapters, each offering a different perspective on the events of the game. Players can choose to play as one of three androids: 2B, 9S, and A2. Each character has different abilities and skills, making the gameplay varied and exciting.

What happens in Chapter 4, Route B of NieR Automata?

In Chapter 4, Route B of NieR Automata, the player takes control of 9S, an android who previously appeared as a supporting character in Chapter 2. The chapter follows 9S as he explores the ruins of an abandoned city and uncovers the truth behind the machine invasion of Earth. The player must fight against various machines and bosses to progress through the chapter. Additionally, the chapter features new story elements and cutscenes that expand on the events of Chapter 2. It is recommended that players complete the first playthrough of the game as 2B before starting Route B with 9S to fully understand the story.

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