NieR Automata: Tips for Exploring the Game World

This page of the NieR Automata game guide provides essential information and tricks for exploring the vast in-game world, including tips on navigating the open world, accessing hard-to-reach areas, using fast travel, utilizing Access Points, finding characters offering side quests, and more.

  • General Rules for Open World Games
  • Double Jumps and Mid-Air Dashes
  • Fast Travel
  • Sprinting and Riding Wild Animals
  • Area Maps
  • Quest Givers
  • Loot
  • Traders

General Rules for Open World Games

NieR Automata features an open world, but there are some limitations to exploring it, such as:

1) Certain areas of the world map, like the amusement park, the forest zone, and the flooded city, are only accessible after progressing through the main campaign. Don’t fret if you can’t initially reach a quest or activity, as you’ll likely unlock access as you progress further into the game.

2) Some chests and passages may be initially unavailable. Don’t waste time trying to figure out how to access them, as certain interactions may only be available in subsequent campaign routes, where you control a different playable character with unique skills.

3) Some areas are more linear, particularly those related to specific story quests. However, take the time to explore side paths and rooms during your journey, as you may discover valuable loot.

4) Invisible walls and barriers, like the sandstorm in the screenshot above, may limit exploration in certain areas. Accept that the game won’t allow you to explore every location and that some areas are artificially restricted.

Double Jumps and Mid-Air Dashes

Accessing certain locations in NieR Automata may pose a challenge, such as reaching rooftops or distant/high platforms. Though it may seem impossible at first, there are ways to reach these areas, like utilizing double jumps and mid-air dashes.

  1. Performing double jumps requires pressing the jump button a second time while in mid-air.
  2. Free falling is activated by holding down the jump button and can protect you from fall damage and allow you to glide across a longer distance.
  3. Bouncing off the pod is done by pressing R1 X during a jump to have your character hold onto the pod in mid-air and bounce off of it.
  4. Dashing in mid-air is not only useful for avoiding enemy attacks but also for covering a greater distance.

These separate actions can be combined for the longest mid-air distance. The recommended sequence is to start by sprinting (R2), jump for the first time (X) upon reaching the ledge, double jump in mid-air (X), bounce off the pod mid-air (R1 X), and dash in mid-air (R2) to extend the flight further.

Fast Travel

The game has fast travel mechanics, but they are not available from the beginning. Access is granted as you progress through the main storyline, and this is explained in more detail on the Fast travel – how to unlock and use it? page in the FAQ section. Don’t forget to interact with newly discovered Access Points for fast travel and saving your game within their range.

Sprinting and Riding Wild Animals

Sprinting (R2) can help you move faster on the map, but you can’t change its speed. The character will run faster on even ground and in large, open spaces. You can also ride wild animals for faster travel, but you must first tame them, which is explained in detail on the Animals – how to tame? page. Mounting an animal also allows you to ram into smaller enemies.

Area Maps

There are two types of maps available in NieR Automata:

  1. The world map can be displayed in full screen and has a three-dimensional layout that may make it difficult to read. However, switching to the top-down camera can help in identifying the location of characters and the path to your destination. The world map may not be available when exploring large autonomous locations.
  2. The mini-map is visible by default and helps while exploring inside buildings and other locations. It can be disabled by removing the associated chip. The mini-map displays different icons that provide information about activity types such as vendors and Access Points. If you see a question mark, it means you need to explore the location to find out more. Keep in mind that some areas may not be accessible from the start and require unlocking later in the game.

Questgivers can be found in locations marked with question marks on the map, friendly camps, or other places. Some missions start by receiving an e-mail at an Access Point. Not all missions can be completed right away, so it’s best to postpone them if you lack access to an area or need to defeat enemies at higher levels. Return later when your character is stronger and you have access to new lands on the world map.


Collecting loot is essential in NieR Automata. Your inventory can hold up to 99 of each item, so don’t miss any opportunity to collect equipment. You can find loot lying on the ground or stored in chests. Some chests are locked and can only be opened by a specific playable character. Completing quests and examining other players’ bodies are other ways to acquire new items. You can sell items you don’t need to vendors, but make sure not to sell objects that may be useful later or can be used in crafting.


The game world is populated by merchants and throughout the game, you will come across vendors regularly. You will first encounter merchants in the Resistance Camp, which will serve as your unofficial base for a significant portion of the game. Once you complete some of the initial quests, the game will allow you to trade in this location. Trader icons on the map make it easy to find more merchants in other areas with friendly NPCs and in the wasteland.

Each merchant specializes in a particular area. For example, they may specialize in selling weapons or chips, as well as offer additional services, such as upgrading weapons or combining chips. We recommend speaking with each merchant at least once to check out their inventory (note that the stock of some merchants may change!).

For more detailed information on buying and selling goods and utilizing additional services, refer to the Traders page in our game guide.


1. What is NieR Automata?

NieR Automata is an action role-playing game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players control androids from the YoRHa units, created by humans to fight back against machines that have taken over the planet.

2. What is the exploration aspect of NieR Automata?

The exploration aspect of NieR Automata is a crucial part of the game’s gameplay. The game features an open world, which the players can explore freely. The game’s story unfolds as players explore the world and discover new areas, which often lead to new objectives and challenges.

3. What are the benefits of exploration in NieR Automata?

Exploration in NieR Automata can lead to various benefits, such as finding new weapons, items, and upgrades for the player’s android. It can also uncover hidden quests and storylines, which can add depth to the game’s narrative. Additionally, exploration can provide players with new challenges and enemies to fight, which can help them level up and become stronger.

4. What are some tips for exploring in NieR Automata?

One of the essential tips for exploring in NieR Automata is to pay attention to the game’s map, which can help players navigate the world and find new areas to explore. Additionally, players should try to talk to NPCs they encounter, as they can provide valuable information, quests, and items. Finally, players should not be afraid to experiment with different routes and paths, as there are often hidden treasures and secrets off the beaten path.

5. What are some of the most interesting locations to explore in NieR Automata?

There are many interesting locations to explore in NieR Automata, but some of the most notable include the City Ruins, which is the game’s main hub area and features many shops, quests, and NPCs to interact with. Another exciting location is the Amusement Park, which is a colorful and whimsical area filled with unique enemies and hidden secrets. Finally, players should check out the Desert Zone, which features a vast, open landscape and many hidden treasures to uncover.

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