NieR Automata Tips: How to Get Gold (G)

In this NieR Automata guide, we will provide you with practical tips on how to collect gold (G) in the game. We have compiled some of the most popular methods of obtaining gold, along with suggestions on what to spend it on first.

  • Getting gold (G)
  • Spending money – the most important purchases

Getting Gold (G)

In NieR Automata, gold (also known as G in the inventory) is the only currency used in the game. Here are some of the most important ways to obtain gold:

Side quests are the best way to get large one-time cash injections. Most optional missions offer gold as one of the rewards, with some quests providing several thousand pieces of gold. Bigger missions or those from the later part of the campaign can allow you to get 10,000 or more gold.

Selling unnecessary loot to merchants is an obvious way to get rich. This is especially recommended for items where you have already reached the limit of 99 objects in the inventory or are close to reaching the limit. But keep in mind that some items can be sold at better prices in the next stage of the campaign, so it’s not worth selling the most expensive things early in the game. Also, avoid getting rid of valuable crafting materials that can be useful later.

Fishing and selling the fish is an underrated way to quickly get rid of larger amounts of credits. Fishing is not particularly complicated in the game, and more fish can be fished out of the tanks and sold for a good price at local merchants. Check out our guide on Fishing – how to do it? for more details.

Collecting ordinary loot is also a simple way to get more gold. Defeated opponents drop objects that can be sold, and you can explore the environment to search for more loot. Check all kinds of chests or glowing objects on the ground to find items for sale.

Another interesting way to earn gold in online play is by retrieving the bodies of fallen players. Clicking on the body will give you several interaction options, one of which is the Retrieve option. This can lead to random rewards, including gold. While this action usually yields a small amount of money, there are moments where retrieving a player’s body can reward you with 1000-2000G for just a few seconds of work. We have discussed this in more detail on the Social Elements page.

Aside from the methods mentioned above, there are techniques that can increase your chances of getting rich faster. These include:

  1. Consumables from the Luck group – Using this item increases the chance of enemies dropping larger amounts of gold for a certain amount of time. It’s best to use it before a major fight.
  2. Chips from the Drop Rate Up group – Installing this chip increases your chances of finding items dropped by defeated opponents. It’s recommended that you purchase the best version of this chip, with a chance increase of 70% and a level of 6. Even if the enemies drop unnecessary items, you can always sell them for gold.

Spending Money: The Most Important Purchases

We recommend that you spend all the gold you collect in the beginning on Storage upgrades. This will allow you to install more chips, which means you can use more stat bonuses and unique skills. To do this, visit the Maintenance Shop Owner in the Resistance Camp and choose Storage items from his list, starting with the cheapest ones. For more information, see Chips – how to install?.

Avoid spending gold on consumables because you can easily find them in the game world or get them by completing quests. Instead, consider purchasing high-quality chips with at least a quality of 3, but preferably level 6 like the ones in the example picture. This will unlock powerful stat bonuses, and you may also have an opportunity to combine chips purchased in the store with chips of the same quality found in the game world.

You can also spend your gold on upgrading weapons and pods to increase their statistics and gain additional features. However, keep in mind that these upgrades also require specific crafting materials. It’s best not to spend gold on these materials at various merchants and instead wait until you get them over the course of the game from remnants of defeated opponents, loot from chests, rewards from quests, etc.

If you want to complete the game 100%, you can consistently spend your money throughout all the campaign Routes.

The original text:

  1. One way to acquire unique weapons is by purchasing them from merchants.
  2. Another way is to transfer gold to the inventor from the Half-wit Inventor side quest. By giving 180000G to the NPC, you can complete the quest and unlock a shop that sells rare items. Check out the chapter on Side Missions in the Forest and Castle section for more information about this quest.

Rewritten text:

  1. You can obtain exclusive weapons by buying them from merchants who sell items that are not available through exploration.
  2. Another method is to give 180000G to the NPC in the Half-wit Inventor side quest to unlock a shop that offers rare items. For detailed information about this quest, refer to the chapter on Side Missions in the Forest and Castle section.


1. What is NieR Automata: Gold (G)?

NieR Automata: Gold (G) is a currency used in the game to purchase various upgrades, items, and weapons. The currency can be obtained by completing quests, defeating enemies, and selling items.

2. How can I collect NieR Automata: Gold (G)?

There are several ways to collect NieR Automata: Gold (G) in the game. You can complete quests, defeat enemies, and sell items to earn the currency. You can also find hidden chests that contain Gold (G) and other valuable items.

3. What can I buy with NieR Automata: Gold (G)?

You can use NieR Automata: Gold (G) to purchase various upgrades, items, and weapons in the game. Upgrades include increasing your character’s health and attack power, while items can range from healing items to support items that provide bonuses during combat. You can also purchase unique weapons that have special abilities.

4. Is there a limit to how much NieR Automata: Gold (G) I can collect?

There is no limit to how much NieR Automata: Gold (G) you can collect in the game. However, some items and weapons have a high price tag, so it may take a while to save up enough currency to purchase them.

5. Are there any tricks to collecting NieR Automata: Gold (G) faster?

One way to collect NieR Automata: Gold (G) faster is to equip items that increase the amount of currency earned from defeating enemies and completing quests. You can also sell valuable items and duplicate weapons to earn more currency. Additionally, finding and opening treasure chests can provide a significant amount of Gold (G) and other valuable items.

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