NieR Automata: Using Cheats

In this guide, we will provide an overview of the cheats available in NieR Automata and how to use them. These cheats can be helpful if you are struggling with battles on lower difficulty levels, but we advise against using them as they may make the game less satisfying.

If you do decide to use cheats, you can turn them on and off as needed. Cheats are only available on Easy difficulty mode, but you can switch between difficulty levels at any time in the options menu.

To use cheats, you will need to activate support chips. These can be obtained at the start of the game or purchased from vendors such as the Supply Trader in the Resistance Camp.

The available cheats include Auto-Attack, Auto-Fire, Auto-Evade, Auto-Program, and Auto-Weapon Switch. Each cheat requires one slot, and you can equip and unequip them as needed. We explain how to install chips in more detail in the FAQ section of this guide.

If you cannot find the chips in the install window, you are likely playing on a higher difficulty level. Lower the difficulty to Easy and then access the skills menu.


What are some cheats for NieR Automata?

There are a few different cheats that players can use to enhance their experience in NieR Automata. One is the Debug menu, which can be accessed by downloading a mod and pressing the F2 key. This allows players to change various settings, such as their character’s level or the difficulty of enemies. Another cheat is the Infinite Health glitch, which involves rapidly pausing and unpausing the game during combat to prevent damage. Lastly, there is the Item Duplication glitch, which involves using the Pod programs to duplicate items in the player’s inventory.

Are there any risks to using cheats in NieR Automata?

As with any game, using cheats in NieR Automata comes with some risks. The use of mods or glitches can sometimes cause the game to crash or become unstable, and some cheats may even corrupt save files. Additionally, using cheats can take away from the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing the game without assistance. Players should use cheats at their own discretion and be aware of the potential consequences.

Can using cheats in NieR Automata get me banned from online play?

While using cheats in single player mode is generally considered acceptable, using them in online play can result in a ban from the game’s servers. This is because cheating can give players an unfair advantage over others, and goes against the game’s rules and terms of service. Players who are caught cheating in online play may have their accounts suspended or permanently banned, so it is not recommended to use cheats in this context.

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