Far Cry 6: Fuel the Revolution – Walkthrough

This page of the Far Cry 6 guide provides a detailed walkthrough of the Fuel the Revolution mission. You will learn how to identify Comandante Rosario and steal a tank to complete the mission.

This page of the Far Cry 6 guide contains a walkthrough of the Fuel the Revolution mission, which is one of the primary missions in the campaign’s introduction. The walkthrough explains how to meet Benito, locate and eliminate Comandante Rosario, and successfully steal an enemy tank.

  • Rewards for completing the mission
  • Talk to Benito
  • Eliminate Comandante Rosario
  • Escape

Rewards for Completing the Mission

  1. Fishing Rod – This unlocks fishing, and new fishing grounds are continuously marked as you explore the game world.
  2. Repair Tool – This is a useful gadget that allows you to repair all vehicle types and restore them to 100% efficiency for free. After selecting the gadget, approach the vehicle and hold down R2 / right trigger.
  3. Juan’s 1956 Beaumont Valentina – This is an unlockable car that can be summoned from the drop-down menu and upgraded using one of the workbenches (new bumpers, gun, ornaments, etc.).
  4. Unlocking the Libertad Rises mission.

Talk to Benito

After completing the previous main quest, Fire and Fury, wait for Clara to contact you and head to Benito Menguez’s location – Casa Benito in the central part of the island.

Upon arrival, you will receive new guidelines, a repair tool, and unlock Juan’s 1956 Beaumont Valentina.

Eliminate Comandante Rosario

The destination is located in a nearby region of the island, and the newly unlocked car may be useful to get there. To do so, select the bottom option from the drop-down menu.

Upon reaching the Vencejo region, explore two enemy locations to locate Rosario. She may be in one of them, so you may need to explore both locations or just one.

Note – The Vencejo region is rank 4, meaning you will encounter stronger opponents. Open combat can be risky, so stealth tactics and the tank described below may be useful.

We suggest you start with the bottom location as the tanks are parked there. Before proceeding, reach a nearby hill and use your smartphone to conduct reconnaissance. Try to tag all nearby enemies to determine if Rosario is in this location.

Whether Rosario is located at this site or not, steal the unused tank stealthily. Approach the parked machine as quietly as possible and go inside through the hatch on the roof to seize the tank.

Once you take control of the tank, you can effortlessly get rid of all enemies around you by using the main cannon and machine gun. In between battles, you can use the repair tool you obtained earlier to fix any damages. If Rosario isn’t in the first location, you’ll have to head north to the second location and search for her there. Using the tank will make it easy for you to defeat any enemies at the second facility, even if reinforcements arrive. You won’t need to do a second recon because you can immediately start eliminating all enemies.


Regardless of the circumstances surrounding Rosario’s death, you must escape the chase. The best way to do so is to get off the tank after defeating all the enemies around you. Move away from the area marked with red borders on the map, and the mission will be completed after a while.


What is Far Cry 6: Fuel the Revolution?

Far Cry 6: Fuel the Revolution is the latest installment in the popular first-person shooter game series developed by Ubisoft. The game is set in the fictional island of Yara, which is ruled by a ruthless dictator named AntГіn Castillo. Players take on the role of Dani Rojas, a guerrilla fighter who must lead a revolution to overthrow Castillo and liberate the people of Yara.

What can players expect from the gameplay?

Players can expect an open-world experience where they can explore the island of Yara and engage in various activities such as hunting, fishing, and crafting. The game also features a variety of vehicles that players can use to traverse the island. The main objective of the game is to complete missions and side quests to gain resources and followers to aid in the revolution. Combat is a significant aspect of the game, and players can use a variety of weapons and tactics to take down enemy soldiers and vehicles. The game also features a co-op mode where players can team up with friends to complete missions together.

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