Far Cry 6: Take Your Medicine – walkthrough

This Far Cry 6 guide page provides a step-by-step guide for the Take Your Medicine mission. You will discover how to meet Jonron and deliver the helicopter to transport the medication.

This game guide page for Far Cry 6 includes the Take Your Medicine mission, which is one of the primary missions that takes place in the El Este region. Our guide outlines where to locate medical supplies, how to defeat enemy soldiers at the crash site, and how to transport the supplies to Jonron using a helicopter.

  • Rewards upon completion of the quest
  • Acquire El Tigre’s medical supplies
  • Secure the crash site
  • Retrieve a helicopter to transport the supplies

Rewards upon completion of the quest

  1. Unlocked Pics or It Didn’t Happen mission
  2. Unlocked The New Revolution mission

Acquire El Tigre’s medical supplies

You can initiate this quest after reaching the Patriotas Peak guerrilla hideout for the first time, which is after completing the Meet the Legend mission. You will be required to meet El Tigre at the guerilla camp.

To locate the supplies, you must go to the location where the helicopter was shot down – Sierra Perdida Supply Depot. Once you arrive there, approach the helicopter wreckage to begin a cut-scene of your first meeting with Jonron and other potential allies.

Secure the crash site

You will have to battle enemy soldiers at the crash site. While engaged in the gunfight, listen for your allies’ shouts about the direction of the next group of enemies. Radar indications will also assist you in tracking newly appearing enemies.

Any rifle will suffice for ordinary soldiers. However, be cautious not to remain exposed and become an easy target for them.

Enemy machines will be more challenging to deal with. Grenades are effective for swiftly destroying vehicles, although you can also aim to eliminate them by firing from behind a good cover of on-board gunners.

Unfortunately, there will be at least one enemy helicopter in the vicinity. In this case, we recommend using a rocket launcher, a stationary cannon (for example, from one of the enemy machines), or using the Volta supremo to dispatch an IEM pulse and “ground” the flying machine.

Retrieve a helicopter to transport the supplies

This mission objective can be quite challenging since the helicopter crash site is within anti-aircraft gun range by default. Therefore, any attempt to reach this location by helicopter will fail, as you will be shot down in flight.

The AA cannon is located to the west of here, and its location is shown in the attached screenshot (Anti-Aircraft Site Zeta) – proceed to this site.

Upon arriving at your destination, it is advisable to eliminate the surrounding enemies. It is best to accomplish this by sneaking, so that one of the enemies will not attempt to use the helicopter located in this area.

You can destroy the anti-aircraft gun with grenades, a launcher, or the suprema Exterminador.

The best way to get a helicopter in the game is to steal one from the enemy base. This will save time and effort as you won’t have to search for a helicopter pickup point or find a free one in the game. Once you have the helicopter, simply fly towards the location of Jonron and other allies and head to the crash site. A mission-ending cut-scene will appear, and you don’t have to land the helicopter on your own.


1. What is Far Cry 6: Take Your Medicine?

Far Cry 6: Take Your Medicine is a mission in the popular first-person shooter video game, Far Cry 6. In this mission, players take on the role of Dani Rojas, a guerrilla fighter in the fictional island nation of Yara, as they attempt to infiltrate a military laboratory to retrieve a life-saving medicine for their allies.

2. What is the objective of the Take Your Medicine mission?

The objective of the Take Your Medicine mission is to infiltrate the military laboratory and retrieve the medicine needed to save the lives of Dani Rojas’s fellow guerrilla fighters. Players will need to navigate through the highly guarded facility, avoid detection, and take out any enemies that stand in their way. Along the way, they will also encounter various obstacles and challenges, such as security systems, locked doors, and patrolling guards.

3. How can players successfully complete the Take Your Medicine mission?

To successfully complete the Take Your Medicine mission, players will need to approach it with a strategic mindset and carefully plan their approach. They should take advantage of the various tools and weapons at their disposal, such as silenced weapons and distraction devices, to avoid detection and take out enemies quietly. They should also pay close attention to their surroundings, looking for clues and opportunities to gain the upper hand. Additionally, they should be prepared to adapt to unexpected situations and think on their feet to overcome any obstacles they encounter.

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