Far Cry 6: Precious Cargo – walkthrough

This section of the Far Cry 6 guide provides a step-by-step guide for Operation Precious Cargo. This mission involves rescuing refugees and transporting them to a port.

This part of the Far Cry 6 game guide contains a walkthrough for Operation Precious Cargo, which is one of the primary missions in Valle De Oro. The guide includes instructions on how to locate Rafael, free imprisoned refugees, and transport them to the port in time.

  • Meet Rafael
  • Free Rafael and the refugees
  • Deliver the refugees to Bembe

Meet Rafael

Players can access this mission after completing Operation Balance the Books. Bembe will assign the mission.

Bembe will provide a picture of Rafael, the individual that players must meet. Players must reach the Azucar plantation, where their allies need to be rescued.

Free Rafael and the refugees

Enemy soldiers are present in the plantation area. It is recommended to use stealth attacks to eliminate them. If players alert the enemy, hostages will not be killed. Players should be cautious of the tower where the sniper may be located.

Players should wait until they have partially secured the area before freeing the rebels. To release the refugees, players must approach them and hold down the interaction button. Players must also speak with Rafael.

Deliver the refugees to Bembe

Players must reach the large garage where the truck for transporting the refugees is parked.

A timer will begin once players start this section, and they will have two and a half minutes to reach their destination. Players should mark the port on the world map to follow the radar’s GPS (blue line). Players should remain on the primary asphalt roads to avoid getting stuck and avoid colliding with soldiers or military vehicles.

Once players reach the port gate, a brief cut-scene will occur, showing the conversation with the guard, and the countdown will stop. Players must navigate to the end of the dock, avoiding environmental elements and people along the way.

Another cut-scene will play once players turn over the refugees to Bembe, and the operation will be complete.


What is Far Cry 6: Precious Cargo?

Far Cry 6: Precious Cargo is a mission in the Far Cry 6 video game. In this mission, players must escort a truck containing precious cargo through a dangerous area while fighting off enemies. The mission takes place in a fictionalized version of Cuba, where the player takes on the role of a guerrilla fighter trying to overthrow a dictator. Precious Cargo is one of the many missions in the game and is known for its challenging gameplay and intense action sequences.

How do I complete the Precious Cargo mission in Far Cry 6?

To complete the Precious Cargo mission in Far Cry 6, players must protect the truck containing the precious cargo and ensure it reaches its destination safely. The mission involves driving the truck through enemy territory while fending off attacks from enemy forces. Players must use their weapons and vehicles to fight off the enemy and keep the truck safe. It is important to stay alert and keep an eye out for enemy ambushes and traps. The mission can be challenging, but with the right strategy and skill, players can successfully complete it and progress through the game.

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