Far Cry 6: Who’s a Good Boy – walkthrough

Learn how to hunt down a crocodile and get its meat in this side quest walkthrough titled Who’s a Good Boy? included in this Far Cry 6 guide.

This page of the game guide includes a walkthrough of the Yaran Story Who’s a Good Boy?, a side mission located in the Madrugada region. The guide will cover how to unlock the first Chorizo the dachshund quest, where to find the crocodile hunting ground, how to properly hunt a crocodile, and how to obtain the predator’s meat.

  • Rewards for completing the quest
  • Unlocking the mission
  • Read the note next to Chorizo’s dog house
  • Collect crocodile meat
  • Deliver the meat to Chorizo’s bowl

Rewards for completing the quest

  1. Unlocking operation Fetch Quest.

Unlocking the mission

You can unlock this side quest after arriving at the Montero Farm, which is a guerrilla hideout in the Madrugada region. This occurs during operation Meet the Monteros.

To start befriending your future pet, interact with Chorizo the dachshund at the camp.

Read the note next to Chorizo’s dog house

A Dirty Recipe Card attached to the wall next to where this operation began reveals that Chorizo’s favourite treat is crocodile meat and provides an opportunity to get some.

Prior to beginning this mission, we recommend equipping a crossbow or a bow (which can be looted or bought from one of the traders). These are ideal weapons for obtaining undamaged meat from the animals you hunt down.

For instance, you can purchase a crossbow (La Clavadora) from Juan’s store, which is linked to the Supremacy side quest described on a separate page of the guide.

Collect crocodile meat

The note includes tips on recommended crocodile hunting spots. Among other locations, the fishery in the screenshot above should appear on your map. It can be found south of the camp, near the Cortina Weather Station (an enemy outpost).

Upon arrival, it is best to scout the area from a distance to look for a crocodile and tag it.

Using a crossbow/bow to kill a crocodile is a good idea, or as a last resort, a decent rifle (such as the sniper rifle) targeted at the creature’s head. Using heavier equipment or explosives can result in the Yaran Crocodile Meat being destroyed, rendering it unusable for the mission.

Additional note – If the crocodile dies in the water, you can dive in to look for its body. Unfortunately, the game won’t mark its exact position.

Deliver the meat to Chorizo’s bowl

Return to the Montero Farm and Chorizo’s location. Interacting with the bowl will complete the mission, and another quest related to the dachshund – the Fetch Quest – will be immediately unlocked.


1. What is Far Cry 6: Who’s a Good Boy?

Far Cry 6: Who’s a Good Boy is a DLC expansion for the popular first-person shooter video game, Far Cry 6. In this expansion, players take on the role of Dani Rojas, a guerilla fighter in the fictional island nation of Yara, as they work to take down the tyrannical dictator Anton Castillo and his loyalists. The expansion introduces a new canine companion, Chorizo, who players can recruit to join them in combat and exploration.

2. How do I recruit Chorizo?

To recruit Chorizo, players must first locate and complete a side mission in the game’s open world. Once the mission is completed, Chorizo will become available as a companion and can be called upon to assist players in combat and exploration. Chorizo is a valuable asset, as he can distract enemies and sniff out hidden items in the game’s environment.

3. What new features does Far Cry 6: Who’s a Good Boy add to the game?

In addition to the new canine companion, Far Cry 6: Who’s a Good Boy adds a variety of new features and content to the base game. This includes new weapons, vehicles, and outfits for players to customize their character with. The expansion also introduces new side missions and activities, such as treasure hunting and racing challenges, as well as new enemy types to battle against.

4. Is Far Cry 6: Who’s a Good Boy worth buying?

Whether or not Far Cry 6: Who’s a Good Boy is worth buying ultimately depends on the player’s personal preferences and their enjoyment of the base game. However, for fans of Far Cry 6 and those looking for new content to explore, the expansion offers a worthwhile addition to the game’s already extensive open world and gameplay mechanics. The addition of Chorizo as a companion also adds a fun and unique element to the game that can enhance the player’s overall experience.

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