Far Cry 6: Crocodile Tears – Treasure Hunts (Madrugada)

This page provides a detailed guide on how to complete the Crocodile Tears treasure hunt in Madrugada in Far Cry 6.

The Crocodile Tears treasure hunt in Madrugada is outlined in this section of the Far Cry 6 guide.

Location: Aguas Lindas subregion.

District: Ardiente Cay.

To begin the treasure hunt, read the note found in the box next to the pink building.

There are numerous crocodiles in the area, which you must eliminate to avoid being attacked while exploring.

To progress, locate and defeat the largest enemy holding the key required to proceed.

Retrieve the key and use it to unlock the room. Destroy the two padlocks in your way, climb the stairs, and make a long jump on the rope.

You can also bypass the padlocks and exit through the back of the building. From there, locate a spot to attach a rope, pull yourself up and start swinging to reach the door.

Once inside, open the crate to complete the treasure hunt.


What are Crocodile Tears treasure hunts in Far Cry 6?

Crocodile Tears are a series of treasure hunts in the video game Far Cry 6. The hunts are located in the region of Madrugada and involve finding hidden treasure caches. Each hunt consists of finding a clue that will lead the player to the location of the treasure. The clues can be found in various ways, such as talking to NPCs, reading notes or letters, or exploring the surrounding area. Once the player finds the cache, they will receive rewards such as money, weapons, or resources. There are a total of nine Crocodile Tears hunts in Madrugada.

What rewards can be obtained from completing Crocodile Tears treasure hunts?

Completing Crocodile Tears treasure hunts in Far Cry 6 can reward players with various items. Some of the rewards that can be obtained include money, weapons, resources, and gear. The rewards for each hunt can vary, and the more difficult the hunt is, the greater the rewards will be. Additionally, completing all of the Crocodile Tears hunts will unlock a unique weapon in the game.

How challenging are the Crocodile Tears treasure hunts in Far Cry 6?

The difficulty of the Crocodile Tears treasure hunts in Far Cry 6 can vary. Some of the hunts are relatively easy and can be completed quickly, while others may require more time and effort. The difficulty of each hunt can depend on factors such as the location of the cache, the complexity of the clues, and the number of enemies in the area. However, completing the hunts can be a fun and rewarding experience for players who enjoy exploration and puzzle-solving.

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