Elex 2: Completing the Treasure Map with Map Pieces

This page of the Elex 2 guide provides details on where to find the secret 16 map pieces, also known as Map Pieces, and the treasure they lead to.

Key Points of Elex 2 – Map Pieces

Locations where you can find the 16 Map Pieces.

This page of the Elex 2 game guide presents a comprehensive list of all the 16 Map Pieces, which are one of the available types of hidden collectibles. We have provided a world map and information on the locations of each collectible. You will also learn how to find the unique treasure whose location is revealed by completing the map.

  • Prototype – the reward for obtaining all 16 Map Pieces
  • Map Piece 01
  • Map Piece 02
  • Map Piece 03
  • Map Piece 04
  • Map Piece 05
  • Map Piece 06
  • Map Piece 07
  • Map Piece 08
  • Map Piece 09
  • Map Piece 10
  • Map Piece 11
  • Map Piece 12
  • Map Piece 13
  • Map Piece 14
  • Map Piece 15
  • Map Piece 16

Prototype – The Reward for Obtaining All 16 Map Pieces

Map pieces are unique collectibles in Elex. You can collect all the pieces to complete a treasure map that leads you to a safe containing unique loot.

Once you collect all the map pieces, you can return to the Bastion. Check out the interactive board in Jax’s chamber where you can attach the map pieces from your inventory to it.

Once you place all the 16 map pieces, Jax will automatically read the entry and conclude that it leads to Infinite Skies Inc. This initiates a new side quest, titled “A Well-Guarded Secret,” which will appear in your journal. It involves finding the prototype’s location.

Follow the new quest, and it will lead you to the ruins in the Old Ironworks. Reach the upper floor of the indicated building and investigate the console from the above screenshot.

After interacting with the console, select the Infinite Skies Inc. entry. Now, you can open the safe.

The most important treasure in the safe is the unique Prototype. The safe also contains a note and a bag with elexit. You will also receive the Legendary trophy.

Once you collect the prototype, it will be permanently active, and you won’t need to place it in your active slots (despite looking similar to the modifiers). It unlocks the Adventurer skill, which:

  1. Marks all teleporters on the map – undiscovered ones will have slightly different icons (pictured in the screenshot), which is extremely helpful in unlocking missing fast travel points
  2. Increases your experience gain

Map Piece 01

Head to the location with two damaged bridges in the southwest corner of the world map. The fragment is on the bridge to the west and is partially covered by a small red crate.

Location of Map Pieces

Map Piece 02

To find this map piece, explore the ruins of Central World Heart, specifically the location with the large dome. The collectible is hidden in one of the small rooms among the barrels and the mattress.

Map Piece 03

This collectible is located in one of the western buildings of the Fort. The protagonist is not allowed inside, so you have to sneak in and steal the map piece from the table or quickly grab it before any NPCs appear.

Map Piece 04

The fourth piece is in the ruins to the northeast of the Fort. Beware of enemies, including the mech patrolling the area. However, you can skip it and find the collectible sticking out of one of the crates.

Map Piece 05

In one of the rooms in the north-west of the Castle, the clerics’ residence, you can find the fifth map piece.

Map Piece 06

To get the sixth piece, explore the tower located in the southern part of the Bastion, the protagonist’s base. Use the spiral stairs to reach the top of the tower where you will find the collectible nailed to the boards.

Map Piece 07

The seventh map piece is the most challenging one to acquire. It is on the roof of the skyscraper above the Grotto ruins.

You will need to upgrade your jetpack’s fuel supply to reach the roof. You can find more information about this on the Jetpack page in the Basics chapter. Try to upgrade it to at least level 44-45, ideally to the maximum level 50.

Start by checking out the small building adjacent to the main skyscraper. Lift off with your jetpack from the roof of the lower building and head towards the roof. Here you will find the map piece, along with one of the legendary weapons and some more loot.

Map Piece 08

You can find the eighth map piece at the top of a tall, ruined building that you first passed after the prologue. It is recommended to wait until you upgrade your jetpack a bit as you need to continue reaching higher and higher balconies to find the collectible at the top of the building.

Map Piece 09

The final map piece is hidden inside a small building on an asphalt road. You can find it lying on the desk.

Collecting Map Pieces 10-16

To find Map Piece 10, head to a small clearing next to a cliff and look for a red tablecloth. You’ll also come across skeletons and minor loot in the area.

Map Piece 11 is located to the northeast of the Crater. Avoid crossing the mountains due to the harsh climate and instead find the mine buildings south of the map piece marker. Look for the entrance to the mine from screenshot no. 1 and follow the corridors to a small camp with a lit lamp.

For Map Piece 12, examine the building northwest of the Crater and eliminate any Reavers in the area. The collectible is on the roof of the building near the bonfire.

Map Piece 13 is hidden in an abandoned building south of the Depot. Eliminate or avoid the strong monsters in the area and find the collectible on the upper floor of the building.

To find Map Piece 14, investigate the abandoned factory west of the Depot and check inside the hut in the North-Western corner of the location. The map piece is on the table.

Map Piece 15 is located in the Old Chemical Plant northwest of the Depot. Avoid the strong monsters in the area and head to the western section of the factory to find the collectible on a table inside a building.

Finally, for Map Piece 16, head to Maracor East in the north-eastern corner of the world map. Find the dilapidated courtyard from screenshot no. 1 and investigate the circular, roofed area to locate the map piece.


1. What are Map Pieces in Elex 2?

Map Pieces are collectible items in Elex 2 that, when combined, form a treasure map leading to valuable loot. There are a total of 8 Map Pieces scattered throughout the game world, and they can be found in various locations such as caves, ruins, and bandit camps.

2. How do I know if I’ve found a Map Piece?

When you come across a Map Piece, a notification will appear on the screen indicating that you’ve found a piece of the treasure map. The Map Piece will also be added to your inventory.

3. How do I combine Map Pieces to form the treasure map?

To combine Map Pieces, you’ll need to visit a special location called the Map Table. There are three Map Tables in the game world, and they can be found in the Abessa Palace, the Hort, and the Fort. Interact with the Map Table and select the option to combine Map Pieces. Once you have all 8 pieces, the treasure map will be revealed.

4. Where can I find the treasure in Elex 2?

The location of the treasure is revealed on the completed treasure map. It is located in the northern part of the game world, in a region called Xacor. The treasure consists of valuable items such as weapons, armor, and resources.

5. Is it worth the effort to complete the treasure map?

Completing the treasure map and obtaining the treasure is definitely worth the effort. The items you receive from the treasure are some of the best in the game, and they can greatly improve your character’s abilities and combat effectiveness. Additionally, the process of finding and combining the Map Pieces can be a fun and rewarding adventure in itself.

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