Elex 2: In Danger – walkthrough

This page of the Elex 2 guide provides a guide for the main quest called In Danger. The quest is received during the Nothing to Lose quest.

To begin, you need to find Dex, whose location is marked on the map. He is staying in a dilapidated hut with a Berserk guarding him. Once you reach Dex, you will be given the task of leading him to the Bastion. It’s also recommended to discover the fast travel point near the ruined house.

Finding Dex

After finding Dex, you need to get to the Bastion, which is nearby. The path to the Bastion is marked on the map. On the way, you will come across abandoned buildings that contain many valuable items. There you can find potions, food, and things that can be sold later.

Reach the Bastion and complete the mission

After reaching the Bastion, you will automatically start a dialogue with Dex, which will complete the In Danger quest.


1. What is Elex 2: In Danger?

Elex 2: In Danger is an action-packed role-playing video game developed by Piranha Bytes and published by THQ Nordic. It is a sequel to the first Elex game and continues the story of the post-apocalyptic world of Magalan. In the game, you play as Jax, a former Alb commander who must explore the world, make alliances, and battle enemies to save his people from a new threat.

2. What are some tips for playing Elex 2: In Danger?

One tip for playing Elex 2: In Danger is to take your time exploring the world and completing quests. This will help you level up your character and acquire new skills and weapons. Another tip is to focus on building alliances with other factions, as this can provide you with valuable resources and support in battle. It is also important to pay attention to the different enemy types and their weaknesses, as this can help you strategize your attacks and defeat them more easily.

3. How do I level up my character in Elex 2: In Danger?

You can level up your character in Elex 2: In Danger by earning experience points (XP) through completing quests, defeating enemies, and discovering new locations. As you earn XP, you will level up and gain skill points that can be used to improve your combat abilities, crafting skills, and other attributes. It is also important to note that certain actions, such as stealing or killing innocent NPCs, can result in negative karma and make it harder to level up later in the game.

4. What are some of the new features in Elex 2: In Danger?

Elex 2: In Danger introduces several new features to the series, including new faction alliances and enemies, new crafting and upgrade systems, and new weapons and abilities. The game also features an improved dialogue system that allows for more nuanced conversations with NPCs and can affect the outcome of quests and alliances. Additionally, the game includes a new fast travel system that allows you to quickly move between locations and a new mini-game called “Hacking” that allows you to hack into computer systems and unlock hidden items.

5. How long does it take to complete Elex 2: In Danger?

The length of time it takes to complete Elex 2: In Danger depends on several factors, including your play style, the difficulty level you choose, and how much time you spend exploring and completing quests. On average, the main story of the game can take around 30-40 hours to complete, while completing all side quests and fully exploring the world can take upwards of 60-70 hours. However, this can vary greatly depending on your individual experience with the game.

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