How to Obtain the Fry Cry Trophy in Far Cry 6

This trophy guide for Far Cry 6 will show you how to obtain the Fry Cry achievement by purchasing 15 meals.

In this section of the trophy guide for Far Cry 6, we will explain how to unlock the Fry Cry trophy. To earn this trophy, you must purchase 15 meals of your choosing. This guide will teach you how to order meals and what resources you will need.

Meal purchases are associated with the main guerrilla hideouts in the game. These hideouts include Montero Farm in the Madrugada region, Patriotas Peak in the El Este region, and Camp Maximas in the Valle De Oro region. When you enter these hideouts, the camera will switch to a TPP view.

To start, go to the Construction Desk in a rebel camp and pay for the La Cantina blueprint. This will add a cantina to the hideout and unlock meal purchases.

Note: Only two blueprints can be purchased per hideout. If you have already chosen two other blueprints, visit a different hideout that still has free blueprint slots.

After unlocking the cantina, you can interact with it and view the list of available meals. At first, the selection will be limited, but upgrading the cantina to higher levels can expand it.

Meals can be purchased using meat from animals and fish. Unfortunately, you cannot pay for them with pesos.

To obtain this trophy, you must begin hunting and fishing. You can hunt wild animals in random places or discover hunting areas and fishing spots on the map.

Note: When hunting wild animals, use a bow or crossbow if possible to reduce the risk of damaging the meat. If an animal has taken too much bullet damage, the meat may be damaged as well.

After unlocking the hideouts, look for a large cauldron (as shown in the picture). These cauldrons have the same use as the cantina and allow you to exchange the meat you have collected for meals.


What is the Fry Cry Trophy in Far Cry 6?

The Fry Cry Trophy is a special achievement in Far Cry 6 that can be earned by cooking all types of food using the game’s cooking system. This includes dishes like stew, soup, and roasted meat, among others. The trophy is a nod to the game’s focus on food and cooking, which is a major part of the game’s mechanics and story. In order to earn the Fry Cry Trophy, players must explore the game world and gather ingredients, which can be found in various locations. Once they have all the necessary ingredients, they can cook the dishes using the game’s cooking system, which is simple but requires some skill to master.

How can I get the Fry Cry Trophy in Far Cry 6?

To get the Fry Cry Trophy in Far Cry 6, players must cook all types of food using the game’s cooking system. This requires finding all the necessary ingredients, which can be found in various locations throughout the game world. Once players have gathered all the ingredients for a particular dish, they can cook the dish using the game’s cooking system. This involves selecting the appropriate pot or pan, adding the ingredients, and then cooking the dish until it is done. Once players have cooked all the dishes in the game, they will earn the Fry Cry Trophy. This can be a challenging task, as some ingredients are rare and difficult to find, and some dishes require a lot of skill to cook properly. However, with patience and practice, players can master the cooking system and earn the Fry Cry Trophy.

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