Introduction to Far Cry 6: Secrets & Collectibles

Our guide for Far Cry 6 uncovers all its secrets, including treasures, collectibles, and hidden elements. We provide a quick and hassle-free way to find all the secrets, revealing their location, how to access them, and the requirements needed to obtain them.

We have compiled a list of unique weapons, categorized by their type, and included their specific location and modifications to enhance their usefulness.

We also provide information on the location of all mythical animals, the tactics and rewards for defeating them, and how to obtain the special armor – the Animal Set.

A significant portion of the guide is dedicated to treasure hunts and their locations, divided by regions. Completing these hunts rewards you with new weapons, secrets, or items.

The bulk of our guide is focused on the locations of all the collectibles available in the game. We have provided detailed descriptions of the Criptograma Charts (30 in total), hidden stories (143 in total), roosters, USB songs, and military targets, including FND bases and anti-aircraft guns, with their respective rewards upon capture.

In summary, our Far Cry 6 guide includes:

  1. All unique weapons
  2. Location of mythical animals
  3. Description of all treasure hunts
  4. Locations of Criptograma Charts
  5. All 143 hidden stories
  6. All roosters
  7. Locations of all USB songs
  8. Descriptions of military targets and their locations


What are the secrets and collectibles in Far Cry 6?

In Far Cry 6, players can find various secrets and collectibles throughout the game world. These include treasure hunts, hidden caches of weapons and resources, and special missions that unlock unique rewards. There are also numerous Easter eggs and references to previous Far Cry games, as well as hidden areas and secret locations that can be discovered by exploring the game world.

Why should I bother with secrets and collectibles in Far Cry 6?

While secrets and collectibles may not be essential to completing the main storyline of Far Cry 6, they do provide additional challenges and rewards for players who are willing to put in the effort to find them. Many of the collectibles also provide lore and backstory to the game world, helping to flesh out the characters and factions that players will encounter throughout their adventure. Additionally, completing all of the secrets and collectibles in the game can unlock special achievement trophies or other rewards for dedicated players.

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