Disco Elysium: Understanding Political Alignment

On this page of the Disco Elysium game guide, you’ll learn about the Political Alignment system used in the game.

Disco Elysium has a system that decides your character’s political beliefs based on the choices you make while playing, rather than at character creation. There are four main ideologies in the game: communism, fascism, moralism, and ultraliberalism. It’s important to note that these political beliefs are linked to specific thoughts in the Thought Cabinet, which provide unique bonuses.

  • Communism
  • Fascism
  • Moralism
  • Ultraliberalism


  1. Thought Cabinet: Mazovian Socio-Economics;
  2. Bonus: earn 4 +XP and lose 1 Visual Calculus and Authority for each communist dialogue option chosen;
  3. How to unlock: select 4 communist dialogue options;
  4. Representatives (NPCs): Evrart Claire, Cindy the Skull.


  1. Thought Cabinet: Revacholian Nationhood;
  2. Bonus: +2 Physical when the character is drunk, nationalist dialogue options damage -1 Morale;
  3. How to unlock: select 4 fascist dialogue options;
  4. Representatives (NPCs): Measurehead, Gary the Cryptofascist, Racist Lorry Driver, RenГ© Arnaux.


  1. Thought Cabinet: Kingdom of Conscience;
  2. Bonus: selecting moralism dialogue options recovers Morale, learning caps of the Logic and Volition skills are raised to 5;
  3. How to unlock: don’t follow any political ideology;
  4. Representatives (NPCs): Kim Kitsuragi, Trant Heidelstam, The Sunday Friend.


  1. Thought Cabinet: Indirect Modes of Taxation;
  2. Bonus: earn +1 Real (Disco Elysium’s main currency) for each ultraliberal dialogue option chosen, but lose 1 Empathy;
  3. How to unlock: select conversation options that earn you the most money, such as accepting Evrart’s bribe;
  4. Representatives (NPCs): Siileng, Joyce Messier, Mega Rich Light-Bending Guy.


What is Political Alignment in Disco Elysium?

Political Alignment is one of the core mechanics in Disco Elysium. It represents your character’s political beliefs and values, which can influence how you approach conversations and solve problems throughout the game. There are four main political alignments to choose from: Communist, Fascist, Liberal, and Ultra-Liberal. Each alignment has its own set of beliefs and values, which can affect the way you interact with NPCs and the world around you. Your choices throughout the game will also affect your Political Alignment, allowing you to shift your beliefs and values as you progress.

What are the consequences of choosing a certain Political Alignment?

Choosing a particular Political Alignment can have a significant impact on the way you experience Disco Elysium. NPCs may respond differently to your character based on their political beliefs, and some conversations and events may be inaccessible depending on your alignment. Certain skills and abilities are also tied to specific Political Alignments, which can affect how you approach challenges and solve problems. For example, a Fascist character may be more inclined to use force and intimidation to get what they want, while a Liberal character may rely more on diplomacy and negotiation. Ultimately, your Political Alignment can shape the entire course of your playthrough.

Can you change your Political Alignment?

Yes, you can change your Political Alignment throughout the game based on your choices and actions. However, it’s not always easy to do so. Changing your alignment requires a significant shift in your beliefs and values, which can take time and effort to achieve. It may also require sacrificing some of your existing skills and abilities in order to gain new ones. That being said, changing your Political Alignment can open up new opportunities and experiences in Disco Elysium, allowing you to explore different paths and outcomes based on your character’s evolving beliefs and values.

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