Disco Elysium: How to Complete the Race Enigma Side Task – Walkthrough

In this Disco Elysium guide, you will get a step-by-step walkthrough of how to complete the Race Enigma side task.

To begin the Race Enigma task in Disco Elysium, you must first acquire the Advanced Race Theory thought and then explore it.

You can obtain the Advanced Race Theory thought by talking to Measurehead and passing the Conceptualization skill check. Save your game before attempting this check in case you fail it and need to retry.

Head to the Thought Cabinet and begin researching the Advanced Race Theory thought. The research process will take 1 hour and 40 minutes, so you can use this time to complete other tasks, talk to NPCs, or read a book. When you have successfully internalized the thought, go back to Measurehead and discuss his theory with him.

Measurehead has a response for every answer, but none of the replies will fully satisfy him, and each one will pass the task.

However, if you choose option 6 (alcohol-related – Al Gul), you will receive a new thought: Waste Land of Reality.


What is the Race Enigma in Disco Elysium?

The Race Enigma is a quest in Disco Elysium that involves solving the mystery of the dead body found hanging from a tree in Martinaise. The victim, identified as Lelya, was a member of a group called the Union of Moribund Alcoholics, and her death appears to be racially motivated. As you investigate the case, you’ll encounter various characters who may have been involved in Lelya’s death, including the Hardy Boys gang and the local racist organization, the RCM. You’ll need to gather clues and interview witnesses to piece together what happened and bring the killer to justice.

How do I solve the Race Enigma quest?

To solve the Race Enigma quest, you’ll need to carefully explore Martinaise and talk to the various NPCs you encounter. Some key characters to speak with include the local bartender, Klaasje, who can provide important information about the victim and the Union of Moribund Alcoholics, and Joyce, the RCM officer who found the body and is leading the investigation. You’ll also want to speak with Evrart Claire, the leader of the RCM, who may have information about the local racist organization. As you gather clues, be sure to use your various skills – such as Empathy, Logic, and Authority – to unlock additional dialogue options and gain more insight into the case. Ultimately, you’ll need to piece together the clues to identify the killer and bring them to justice, which will earn you a significant amount of experience points and contribute to your overall progression in the game.

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