Disco Elysium: The Jam Mystery – walkthrough

This page provides a walkthrough for The Jam Mystery side quest in Disco Elysium. The objective of this quest is to uncover who is smuggling the raw materials for drug production from Terminal B to Jamrock. Joyce suggests that any of the drivers who stopped at the intersection could be involved. However, to start this task, you need to pass the hard (red) Suggestion skill check.

You will receive this task when you try to obtain information from Joyce about the murdered man. Joyce will give you an answer only when you prove that you are from the police by showing your badge (Track down your badge task) or by investigating a drug smuggling case for her.

During this side quest, you can speak to three drivers:

  1. Racist Lory Driver: the man standing at the Frittte kiosk;
  2. Tommy Le Homme: the man standing by the truck right next to Whirling-In-Rags;
  3. Paledriver: the woman you can meet east of the Horseback Monument.

Tommy Le Homme and Paledriver won’t provide any useful information, but the Racist Lory Driver will be much more talkative when you inquire about who he thinks has the drugs. The man will direct you to a trader named Siileng, whom you can find in front of the pawnshop.

Keep pressuring the trader, and eventually, he will divulge that the driver you are searching for is a woman with a terrible reputation.

After obtaining this valuable information, approach a driver named Tommy and coerce him into revealing more information about the female driver. The man will eventually cave and hand you the Key to Abandoned Lorry and tell you where to look for her.

Alternatively, you can get the Racist Lorry Driver standing near Frittte’s kiosk to tell you the location of the correct truck, but this requires passing a difficult Half Light skill check. You can make it easier by initiating the conversation as Kim. Additionally, you will need to break into the truck, which requires passing the Physical Instrument skill check.

The green FALN truck is located right at the monument. Examine everything in the cabin, including posters, radio, pedals, and optionally, the toolbox.

After investigating the truck, speak to Kim about what you have discovered and then return to Joyce. When submitting the report, you can either tell Joyce what you uncovered or allow Kim to lead the conversation.


1. What is Disco Elysium: The Jam Mystery?

Disco Elysium: The Jam Mystery is a new standalone expansion to the critically acclaimed role-playing game Disco Elysium. It is a murder mystery set in the same fictional city of Revachol, where you play as a detective trying to solve the murder of a local musician. The game features new characters, locations, and puzzles to solve, while retaining the same rich storytelling and immersive world-building that made the original game so beloved by fans.

2. How do I play Disco Elysium: The Jam Mystery?

To play Disco Elysium: The Jam Mystery, you will need to own the original Disco Elysium game on Steam or GOG, as it is a standalone expansion that requires the base game to play. Once you have the game installed, simply launch it and select “The Jam Mystery” from the main menu to start playing. The game features a similar interface and gameplay mechanics to the original game, but with new characters and storylines to discover.

3. What are some tips for solving the murder in Disco Elysium: The Jam Mystery?

To solve the murder in Disco Elysium: The Jam Mystery, you will need to explore the city of Revachol, talk to NPCs, and gather clues to piece together the puzzle. Some tips for solving the murder include paying close attention to the dialogue and descriptions of characters and locations, using your skills to unlock new dialogue options and uncover hidden information, and exploring every corner of the city to find clues. It is also important to keep an open mind and be willing to backtrack and revisit locations as new information becomes available.

4. Is Disco Elysium: The Jam Mystery worth playing?

If you enjoyed the original Disco Elysium game, or are a fan of immersive storytelling and richly detailed worlds, then Disco Elysium: The Jam Mystery is definitely worth playing. The game offers a new murder mystery to solve, with all the same great writing and world-building that made the original game such a hit. Additionally, the game offers new gameplay mechanics and puzzles to solve, making it a fresh and exciting experience for fans of the original game.

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