Elex: War of the Machines – Guide

War of the Machines is a crucial mission you receive from Thorald in the third chapter of Elex. This quest requires you to sabotage converters scattered throughout the game’s world. Your aim is to shut down these converters.

To begin this mission, speak to Thorald in Abandoned Cliffs.

Thorald wants Jax to deactivate all the converters to weaken the Albs in Xacor. The converters can be approached in any order, but expect heavy security at each one (although some enemies can be avoided). Every time, you need to enter a tall tower and use lifts to reach higher floors and locate a red control console (as shown in the picture above) to sabotage a converter.

Here is the list of all the converters:

  1. The Converter in Edan
  2. The Converter in North Abessa
  3. The Converter in South Abessa – This place is a hideout of friendly Alb-separatists. You can examine this converter during Refuge of the Separatists quest.
  4. The Converter in Tavar
  5. The Converter in Ignadon – You can access this reactor only after participating in the big battle during Ulbricht’s Big Offensive quest and finding the access card on Jurek’s corpse.
  6. The Converter in West Xacor
  7. The Converter in East Xacor

Once you have sabotaged all the converters, return to Thorald and receive 4000XP.


What is Elex: War of the Machines?

Elex: War of the Machines is an action-packed game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The game is set in the year 2117, where humanity is struggling to survive in a world that has been ravaged by a global war. The game is a combination of RPG and action elements, where players must explore the vast world, gather resources, and fight against various factions and enemies.

How do I progress in Elex: War of the Machines?

The key to progressing in Elex: War of the Machines is to explore the world and complete quests. Quests will provide players with experience points, resources, and valuable items that can be used to upgrade their characters. Players can also improve their character’s skills and abilities by leveling up and allocating skill points. Additionally, players can improve their equipment and weapons by crafting and upgrading them using resources gathered in the world. It’s important to balance exploration, combat, and questing in order to progress efficiently in Elex: War of the Machines.

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