Elex: Crafting

To create and upgrade items in Elex, you will need to use a Workbench. These benches can be found in larger locations like Goliet. However, to create new items, you will need to obtain recipes from traders or by exploring the game’s world. Crafting is divided into four categories:

  1. Weapons – This is the most developed category, where you can upgrade, modify, and dismantle weapons, as well as create various types of ammunition. More details about this category can be found below.
  2. Brew Potions – This category allows you to create potions and stimulants. You will need Clerics or Berserker abilities to create more complex potions, while the Chemistry ability is required to create stimulants.
  3. Create Jewelry – In this category, you can create rings and amulets. The Goldsmith ability is required to craft them.
  4. Stones – This category is for creating special stones that can be placed in Adjutor or weapons. These stones provide different effects, and the Gemstone Socket ability is required to make them.

Let’s focus on the Weapons category. Firstly, you will need the Modify Weapons ability to upgrade weapons.

When you select a weapon, you will see the screen above. The Improve Weapon option increases the damage of the weapon, while the Modify Weapon option allows you to add fire, cold, or poison effects and create a slot for Gemstones. The Salvage Weapon option allows you to dismantle a weapon, providing you with many resources, but the Unscrew ability is required to obtain them. Below these options, you can also find slots for stones.


1. What is crafting in Elex?

Crafting in Elex is the process of combining different items to create new items that can be used to craft weapons, armor, and other useful items. Crafting is an important aspect of the game as it allows players to create powerful weapons and armor that can help them survive in the harsh world of Magalan.

2. How do I craft in Elex?

To craft in Elex, you need to find the necessary ingredients and have the required skill level. Once you have the ingredients and skill level, open the crafting menu and select the item you want to craft. Then, select the ingredients you want to use and click on the craft button.

3. What are the benefits of crafting in Elex?

Crafting in Elex has several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to create powerful weapons and armor that can help you survive in the game. Secondly, it allows you to create useful items such as healing potions and grenades. Finally, crafting can also help you earn money by selling the items you create.

4. What are the types of crafting in Elex?

Elex has several types of crafting, including weapon crafting, armor crafting, alchemy, and cooking. Weapon crafting allows you to create powerful weapons, while armor crafting allows you to create protective armor. Alchemy allows you to create potions and elixirs that can heal you or give you temporary boosts. Finally, cooking allows you to create food that can restore your health and give you temporary bonuses.

5. How do I increase my crafting skill in Elex?

You can increase your crafting skill in Elex by crafting items, reading books and manuals, and completing quests. Crafting items will give you experience points that can be used to level up your crafting skill. Reading books and manuals will also give you skill points, while completing quests will sometimes reward you with crafting-related items and experience points.

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