How to Quickly Gain Experience in Elex?

Improving your character is essential in Elex, and earning experience points is the key to achieving this. There are two ways to gain experience points in Elex:

  1. Completing Quests – This is the most efficient way to earn experience. Completing missions can reward you with several hundred experience points. Even incomplete missions can give you some experience points. The main story missions offer the most experience points, but other missions are also profitable.

Killing opponents is a slow way to level up.

  1. Killing Opponents – Defeating enemies is another way to earn experience points, but it is not as efficient as completing missions. You usually get a small amount of experience points for defeating an enemy. Mass murdering your foes can be time-consuming. However, you can earn experience points for killing harmless creatures, but it only gives you a few points. The Experienced Hunter ability can help you earn more experience points for killing opponents.
  2. Acquiring Elex Drink Flasks – Elex Drink Flasks can be found throughout the game world. Drinking a small bottle of Elex Drink instantly gives you 100XP. Medium Elex bottles give you 2 attribute points, and large ones give you 1 skill point.


1. What are the best ways to earn experience quickly in Elex?

One of the best ways to earn experience quickly in Elex is by completing quests. Quests often give a large amount of experience as a reward, and completing them can also unlock new areas and provide valuable items. Another way to earn experience is by killing enemies. The more difficult the enemy, the more experience you will earn. Additionally, exploring the game world and discovering new locations can also provide experience points. Finally, crafting items and using skills can also give experience, so make sure to use these regularly.

2. Are there any specific quests or areas that provide a lot of experience?

Yes, there are certain quests and areas in Elex that provide a lot of experience. For example, the main story quests often give a large amount of experience as a reward. Additionally, completing side quests and faction quests can also provide a significant amount of experience. As for areas, the more dangerous and difficult areas of the game typically provide more experience. For example, the desert areas in the game are filled with tough enemies and provide a lot of experience for defeating them. Make sure to explore these areas if you want to earn more experience.

3. Is it possible to grind for experience in Elex?

Yes, it is possible to grind for experience in Elex. Grinding involves repeatedly killing enemies or completing quests in order to earn experience. While it can be a slower method of earning experience compared to completing quests or exploring the game world, it can be a good way to level up quickly. Look for areas with lots of enemies and keep fighting them until you have earned enough experience to level up. However, make sure to take breaks and not overdo it, as grinding can become tedious and boring after a while.

4. Are there any experience-boosting items or skills in Elex?

Yes, there are items and skills in Elex that can boost your experience gain. Some equipment, like rings and amulets, can provide a bonus to experience earned. Additionally, certain skills in the game’s skill tree can also increase the amount of experience you earn from various activities. Make sure to invest in these skills and equip any experience-boosting items you find to maximize your experience gain.

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