Where to Find the Largest Cities in Elex?

In the world of Elex, there are four major cities and the Origin village (refer to the map above). However, entering these locations can be dangerous, and you should be cautious while exploring them. Read on to learn more about each city:


Goliet is likely the first major location you will visit. It is the headquarters of the Berserkers and is located in Edan. Fortunately, the citizens of Goliet are friendly, and you should not face any issues while entering the city.

Domed City

Domed City is home to the Clerics, although it is not their main headquarters. To enter the city, you must have an ID card, which you can obtain by completing a specific quest. Check out the FAQ section to learn more about how to enter Domed City.

The Fort

The Fort is the primary headquarters of the Outlaws and is located in the Tavar desert. When you approach the gate, a guard will stop you and ask for payment. You can pay him in Elexit, use your charisma, or fight him. However, choosing to fight him is only recommended if your character is strong enough.

The Hort

The Hort is the stronghold of the Clerics, built on the volcanic lands of Ignadon. When you approach the entrance, a guard named Xandor will stop you. However, you can bribe him or complete a quest he proposes to gain entry.

Origin Village

The Origin Village is a gathering place for ex-members of various factions who oppose their ideologies and beliefs. Anyone willing to work is welcome in the village.


1. What are the biggest cities in Elex and where can I find them?

The biggest cities in Elex are Goliet, Ignadon, and Abessa. Goliet is located in the Berserker territory, Ignadon is in the Outlaw territory, and Abessa is in the Cleric territory. Each city has its own unique look and feel, and offers different quests and opportunities to the player.

2. Is it worth exploring the biggest cities in Elex?

Absolutely! The biggest cities in Elex offer some of the most interesting and challenging quests in the game. Not only do they provide an opportunity to level up and gain new gear, but they also allow the player to learn more about the different factions and their histories. Additionally, each city has its own distinct atmosphere, making exploration a unique and exciting experience.

3. Are there any dangers to watch out for in the biggest cities in Elex?

Yes, there are a few things to be aware of when exploring the biggest cities in Elex. First and foremost, there are often hostile creatures and factions that may attack the player on sight. It’s important to be prepared for combat, and to have a strong understanding of the player’s abilities and limitations. Additionally, some cities may have areas that are off-limits to the player, or may require special permissions or quests to access. It’s important to be aware of these restrictions in order to avoid unnecessary conflict.

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