Elex: Developing Your Character’s Attributes and Abilities

To improve your character in Elex, you can spend points on increasing attributes and purchasing abilities. Each level gained provides 10 attribute points and 1 ability point (note that trainers are required to upgrade skills). Your character can level up by earning experience through completing quests, defeating enemies, and consuming Elex Drinks.

  • Attributes
  • Abilities


In Elex, attributes enhance your character’s abilities (such as more damage and health) and allow you to equip better gear – each item requires certain attribute levels.

  1. Strength – increases melee damage.
  2. Constitution – increases health points.
  3. Dexterity – increases reach of your attacks.
  4. Intelligence – increases mana or PSI.
  5. Cunning – increases social skills that allow you to persuade others and achieve your goals.


Below is a list of all available abilities in the game. Remember that trainers are required to purchase abilities (more information can be found in Lists – Abilities Trainers). Note that Berserker, Outlaw, and Cleric trees are only accessible after joining a faction and can only be joined once.

of experience gained from killing animals.

  • Experienced Mutant Hunters – increases amount of experience gained from killing mutants.
  • Experienced Machine Hunters – increases amount of experience gained from killing machines.
  • Speech – each new level increases your ability to persuade and intimidate NPCs.
  • Barter – each new level increases your ability to negotiate prices with merchants.
  • Brewer – allows you to brew alcohol by using a workbench.
  • Drug Dealer – allows you to sell drugs to NPCs.
  • Banker – increases amount of money that you can carry.
  • Charismatic – increases your charisma, which affects NPC reactions to you.
  • Lone Wolf – increases damage dealt and received when you are alone.
  • Berserker

    1. Bloodlust – each new level increases damage dealt and received by 2%.
    2. Berserk – allows you to enter a berserk mode during which your damage dealt and received are increased.
    3. Battle Fury – increases duration of berserk mode.
    4. Unstoppable – increases resistance to stun and knockdown effects.
    5. Death or Glory – increases damage dealt when your health is low.
    6. Bloodthirsty – increases damage dealt and received for each killed enemy during a fight.


    1. Robber – increases amount of money that you get from robbing NPCs.
    2. Scavenger – increases amount of items that you get from looting containers.
    3. Demolition Expert – each new level increases damage dealt with explosives.
    4. Pyromaniac – each new level increases damage dealt with fire-based weapons.
    5. Thief – allows you to silently kill NPCs and each new level reduces a risk of being detected.
    6. Assassin – allows you to kill NPCs with one hit (only from behind and with a melee weapon).
    7. Escape Artist – increases your chances of escaping from fights.
    8. Stalker – increases your movement speed when crouched.
    9. Sniper – increases damage dealt with sniper rifles.
    10. Dirty Fighter – allows you to attack NPCs from behind during dialogues (deals damage and stuns them).
    11. Survivalist – increases your ability to survive in the wilderness.


    1. Healing – each new level increases effectiveness of healing items.
    2. Revive – allows you to revive NPCs (if they are not too damaged).
    3. Blessing – each new level increases effectiveness of blessings.
    4. Resurrection – allows you to resurrect NPCs (even if they are dead for a short time).
    5. Light – each new level increases effectiveness of light-based weapons.
    6. Darkness – each new level increases effectiveness of darkness-based weapons.
    7. Protection – each new level increases defense provided by shields.
    8. Consecration – allows you to create an area that provides bonuses to allies and penalties to enemies.
    9. Sanctuary – allows you to create a safe area that provides healing and protection.
    10. Holy Warrior – increases damage dealt to undead and demons.
    11. Divine Punishment – increases damage dealt to enemies that are attacking allies.

    The game Elex offers various skills and abilities that can be upgraded as you progress. These include: Killer, Bookworm, Practitioner, Haggler, Combat Skills, Survival Skills, Crafting Skills, Personality Skills, Group, Advocate, Friend of Beasts, and Attribute. Each skill has its own unique benefits, such as increasing experience gained from killing enemies, reading, or completing quests, lowering prices offered by traders, and increasing damage dealt by your companion. Additionally, during dialogues, you can choose lines that either increase or decrease your character’s Cold, which affects three abilities in the game.

    you to create a stimulant that temporarily pacifies animals, making them friendly towards you.

    The first section of the text explains the effects of different Cold levels on the player’s abilities. If the level is between 0 and 20, spells, PSI abilities, and stimulants last longer. If the level is between 40 and 60, the player deals extra melee damage. If the level is between 80 and 100, the player deals extra ranged damage.

    The second section of the text describes the abilities of the Berserker faction. The Berserker ability is the basic ability that unlocks other abilities, faction trainers, and equipment. The player can also use mana and upgrade magic weapons and increase poison resistance. The other abilities include spells that extend the duration or damage of spells, increase available mana, enchant weapons, shoot multiple arrows, use homing arrows, reduce chance of detection, increase armor, increase melee damage, turn life into mana, summon ghosts, highlight living creatures, deal poison area damage, and heal the player and their companion.

    The third section of the text details the abilities of the Outlaw faction. The Outlaw ability is the basic ability that unlocks other abilities, faction trainers, and equipment. The player can upgrade mechanical weapons and increase radiation resistance, remove experience penalties when using stimulants, and use multiple stimulants at the same time. The other abilities include dismantling weapons for crafting parts, creating ammo, extending the duration and effects of stimulants, creating Outlaw weapons, increasing the number of stimulants that can be used at the same time, creating stims that speed up health regeneration, temporarily increase resistance to damage, increase attack and block speed, increase visibility of regular items, increase resistance to all types of effects, increase damage resistance, and double damage while pacifying animals.

    The game allows players to create a stimulant that can temporarily scare off weaker animals. The Cleric faction offers various abilities, including unlocking faction trainers, buying their equipment, and using PSI abilities. Leveling up PSI abilities increases their duration or damage, while leveling up Battery increases the amount of energy used by PSI abilities. Other abilities include creating Clerics’ weapons, increasing damage when traveling without a companion, unlocking new dialog lines, highlighting synthetic creatures and high-tech equipment, removing effects from the player, creating a force field that protects from damage, increasing ranged weapons damage, teleporting at a short distance, creating a hologram that distracts enemies’ attention, dealing damage with a power wave, and reviving the hero with half of his health.


    What is character development in Elex?

    Character development in Elex refers to the process of improving your character’s abilities and attributes through experience points (XP) gained by completing quests, defeating enemies, and discovering new locations. As you gain XP, you can level up and allocate skill points to different attributes, such as strength, constitution, or intelligence. You can also learn new abilities and spells by finding or buying them from trainers or by joining factions that offer unique skills. The choices you make in character development will affect your gameplay style and the way you interact with the world.

    What are attributes in Elex?

    Attributes in Elex are the basic characteristics that define your character’s physical and mental abilities. These include strength, constitution, dexterity, intelligence, cunning, and charisma. Each attribute has a certain impact on your character’s combat skills, health, mana, and dialogue options. For example, high strength will increase your melee damage and allow you to carry heavier weapons, while high intelligence will increase your mana pool and improve your spellcasting abilities. You can allocate attribute points as you level up or by using consumable items that grant temporary boosts.

    What are abilities in Elex?

    Abilities in Elex are special skills that your character can learn and use to gain an advantage in combat, exploration, or interaction with NPCs. There are three types of abilities: combat, survival, and magic. Combat abilities include weapon specialization, critical hits, and parrying. Survival abilities include lockpicking, hacking, and scavenging. Magic abilities include elemental spells, telekinesis, and mind control. To learn an ability, you need to find a trainer who offers it or complete a quest that rewards it. Some abilities require a certain level of attribute or skill proficiency to unlock.

    How does attribute and ability progression affect gameplay in Elex?

    The way you allocate your attribute points and learn your abilities will have a significant impact on your gameplay experience in Elex. For example, if you focus on strength and melee combat abilities, you will be able to deal a lot of damage with heavy weapons and take on multiple enemies at once. However, you may struggle against enemies with ranged attacks or high mobility. If you focus on intelligence and magic abilities, you will be able to cast powerful spells and manipulate the environment, but you may have lower health and struggle against enemies with high magic resistance. By experimenting with different combinations of attributes and abilities, you can find a playstyle that suits your preferences and the challenges you face in the game.

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