Elex 2: Antibiotics – walkthrough

On this page of the Elex 2 guide, you will learn about the Antibiotics mission. Our guide will help you locate the central computers in Alphara, Gammara, Deltara, Epsilara, and Betara.

The Antibiotics quest in Elex 2 becomes available after completing the Spoil the Soup quest. Our guide will explain where the central computers are located. You will also find tips on how to navigate through Skyanid headquarters: Alphara, Gammara, Deltara, Epsilar, and Betara.


  1. The U4 CRONY drone is necessary to complete the mission. If you don’t have it, you can find it in the Bastion.
  2. To complete the mission, you need to visit at least 2 central computers, but you can explore all of them to earn 1000 experience points for each computer.
  3. Approaching the central computer with CRONY U4 will start the takeover process.
  4. Two points will be marked on the map for each location. The yellow marker indicates the computer’s location, and the orange marker shows the entrance.
  5. Some computer locations have strong enemies. If you can’t beat them, try Deltara and Epsilara for easier opponents.
  • Alphara’s Central Computer
  • Gammara’s Central Computer
  • Deltara’s Central Computer
  • Epsilara’s Central Computer
  • Betara’s Central Computer
  • Completing the quest

Alphara’s Central Computer

Alphara’s Central Computer is in the upper right corner of the map. After entering the location, follow the path through the tunnel.

At the fork in the path, turn right and continue along the road.

Take the left path until you reach the stairs. Turn right and you’ll find the computer.

Gammara’s Central Computer

Gammara’s Central Computer is to the right of the Grotto. After descending, head towards the tunnel and keep going straight.

Turn right at the nearest fork and continue along the road.

At the next fork, turn right and continue until you reach the final branching path. Turn right to find the computer.

Deltara’s Central Computer

Deltara’s Central Computer is also near the Grotto. After descending, follow the tunnel in the screenshot above until you reach the end.

Turn left and then right immediately.

You’ll find the central computer at the end of the road.

Epsilara’s Central Computer

Epsilara’s Central Computer is on the far left of the map. After entering the location, follow the tunnel until you reach the final fork. Turn right there.

When you come across the first fork, turn left and keep going until you reach a spacious room.

Once you are in the room shown in the screenshot above, go straight and then turn right. Follow the path to reach the central computer.

Betara’s Central Computer

Betara’s Central Computer can be found near the Depository. Descend down and look for the tunnel that leads to the next part of the location. Follow it until the end.

Then, take a right turn and continue along the path. You will come across a few branching paths, but keep going straight. This will lead you to the central computer.

There is a legendary shield in the room containing the central computer. It is advisable to grab it, even if you don’t typically use shields, as it has a high value.

Quest Completion

After capturing at least two central computers, head to Wardek to complete the Antibiotics quest in Elex 2.


What is Elex 2: Antibiotics?

Elex 2: Antibiotics is a video game that combines action, RPG, and open-world elements. It is the sequel to Elex, which was released in 2017. In this game, you play as a character who is trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by a deadly virus. You must scavenge for resources, fight off enemies, and make decisions that will affect the outcome of the game. One of the unique features of Elex 2: Antibiotics is the ability to use antibiotics to heal yourself, as well as other characters in the game. The game is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

How do you use antibiotics in Elex 2: Antibiotics?

In Elex 2: Antibiotics, antibiotics are used to heal sickness and infections. To use antibiotics, you must first obtain them by looting or purchasing them. Once you have antibiotics, you can use them by accessing your inventory and selecting the antibiotics. You can then use them to heal yourself or other characters in the game who are sick or infected. It is important to note that antibiotics are a finite resource, so you should use them wisely. You can also craft antibiotics by collecting the necessary ingredients and using a crafting station. Crafting antibiotics can be a useful way to ensure that you always have a supply of them on hand.

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