Elex: Angry Girl [Nasty] – Walkthrough

This is a quest given by Nasty, a member of the Outlaws located in The Fort. Completing this quest will allow you to recruit Nasty for your team. To finish this quest, you must impress the girl by eliminating a certain number of enemies.

How to unlock the quest: Speak to Nasty in The Fort.

Nasty will provide assistance in battling the insects.

Find Nasty sitting in one of the thrones in The Fort, but don’t expect her to be interested in talking to you at first. You must first complete a few quests for the Outlaws. Wait until one of the guards mentions the possibility of an audience. When you talk to her, be vulgar and aggressive – she’s apparently into that kind of thing.

Nasty will offer you a hunt, during which she will evaluate your combat skills. Make sure you’re at the appropriate level, as you will be immediately transported to the location where you must defeat a group of Plague of Insects. Attack them one by one. You will be supported by Nasty and her men, so winning this battle should not be too difficult (1000XP). After the fights (400XP), Nasty will return to the fort and you must prepare for another fight.

Assist Nasty in weakening El Colosaro.

Another challenge from Nasty should be accepted when your experience level is somewhere between 15-20. This time, you must defeat El Colosaro, who is accompanied by two smaller creatures – Rippers. First, take care of these two, then attack the biggest beast. Nobody except Nasty will be assisting you. Try to protect her; don’t let her perish too quickly. Defeating the beast will earn you 1250XP.

You can return to Nasty in The Fort and offer her the position of leader if you’ve already embarked on the Ulbricht’s Big Offensive quest. This mission will be completed once you have finished all battles with the Albs (fighting with the Clerics). You will be rewarded with 2000XP and Nasty will become a permanent member of your team.


1. What is Elex: Angry Girl [Nasty]?

Elex: Angry Girl [Nasty] is a video game that was released in 2019. It is an action-packed game that follows the story of a girl named Elex who is seeking revenge on those who wronged her. The game is developed by GameArt Studio and is available on various platforms, including PC and PlayStation 4.

2. What is the objective of the game?

The objective of Elex: Angry Girl [Nasty] is to guide Elex through various levels, defeating enemies and bosses along the way. Elex has a wide range of abilities and weapons that players can use to help her in her quest for revenge. The game is fast-paced and requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking to succeed.

3. Are there any tips for playing the game?

One tip for playing Elex: Angry Girl [Nasty] is to take advantage of Elex’s abilities. She has a range of special moves and powers that can help her in combat, such as the ability to slow down time or perform a powerful dash attack. It is also important to manage Elex’s health and keep an eye out for healing items scattered throughout the levels.

4. Is the game difficult?

Elex: Angry Girl [Nasty] can be challenging, especially in later levels where the enemies become more difficult to defeat and the obstacles become more complex. However, the game is designed to be accessible to players of all skill levels, and there are various difficulty settings to choose from. With practice and perseverance, players should be able to progress through the game.

5. Is there a story to the game?

Yes, Elex: Angry Girl [Nasty] has a story that unfolds as players progress through the levels. The story follows Elex as she seeks revenge on those who wronged her and uncovers the truth about her past. The story is told through cutscenes and dialogue with other characters, and adds depth and context to the gameplay.

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