Elex: Advancing to Legate Rank (The Clerics) – Walkthrough

Upon joining the Clerics faction in Elex (as part of the High-tech Allies quest), you will start as an Acolyte. However, you can work your way up to become a Legate by fulfilling certain requirements set by Reinhold:

  1. Jax must be at level 15 or higher.
  2. Complete the An Acolyte’s Pilgrimage quest for Balder.
  3. Complete the A Good Debut quest for Martha.
  4. Learn the Clerics’ ability – Suggestion.
  5. Have at least 1000 Elexit as a promotion fee.
  • An Acolyte’s Pilgrimage
  • A Good Debut
  • Suggestion skill
  • Reaching Legate rank

An Acolyte’s Pilgrimage

How to unlock this quest: Speak with Balder in The Hort.

Armored Locust can be defeated or lured away from a shrine

Balder will tell you that every Acolyte must embark on a pilgrimage, which involves visiting four shrines in Ignadon. You can pray at each shrine and even donate 100 Elexit (which will make the hero feel better). You may encounter many powerful enemies during the pilgrimage, but it is not always necessary to engage in combat.

The first shrine is located near the bridge leading to The Hort’s entrance (200XP).

The second shrine is to the west of The Hort and south of Hangar airport. There are Screamers near the shrine, but they are easy to defeat. Armored Locusts may pose a bigger challenge – you can either lure them away from the shrine or defeat them after the Screamers (remember to block their attacks). Then, you can approach the shrine (200XP).

The bandits near the third shrine should be attacked after they end their conversation

The third shrine is south of the second, near one of the asphalt roads. You will find a group of bandits who have stopped a Traveling Merchant. Wait for them to finish their conversation and then assist the merchant in defeating the bandits. Each defeated enemy will earn you 100XP. After that, you can speak with the merchant (if he is still alive) and examine the shrine (200XP).

The fourth shrine is to the east of the third and south of The Hort. A giant Mountain Troll may roam the area, but you do not have to fight it. Examine the shrine (100XP).

Finally, return to Balder (1000XP).

A Good Debut

How to unlock this quest: Speak with Martha in The Hort.

Rejecting Xander’s offer is a better choice

Martha is in charge of preparing food supplies for the inhabitants of The Hort. Speak with her and then wait for her to prepare the meals – the best way is to use one of the beds and select a different time of day. Martha will give you 4 servings of Martha’s Protein Supplement Stew, which you must deliver to different people in the Clerics’ city. Anna, Reinhold, and Balder will accept their supplies without any issues. Xander may offer to buy one meal from you, but it is better to decline as this will upset Martha. After delivering all the meals, return to Martha. You can receive a maximum of 300XP (if everyone receives their food supplies).

Be aware that when meeting with Balder, you may be tested on your knowledge (in the Knowledge is Power mini-quest). The correct answers are Calaan, Ulbricht, and Arvid. If you pass, you’ll receive 100XP and a Plasma Rifle.

Suggestion Skill

The Suggestion ability is not part of any quest and must be obtained like any other ability. The requirements are:

  1. At least 1 free skill point (obtained by leveling up)
  2. 500 Elexit
  3. At least 30 points in Intelligence
  4. At least 30 points in Cunning

Once you meet these requirements, pay Balder for training and test your new ability on Reinhold to receive 200XP.

Attaining Legate Rank

To reach Legate rank, complete all quests, unlock Suggestion, and reach level 15. Pay Reinhold 1,000 and receive 4,000XP. The Armor Master will offer new Legate armor elements. You can also aim for Regent rank – details on the next page.


1. How do I become a Legate in the Clerics faction in Elex?

First, you need to join the Clerics faction by completing their initiation quest. After that, you will need to gain reputation by completing quests and missions for the faction. Once you have enough reputation, you will be able to speak with the Grand Marshal and request to take the Legate trial. The trial consists of several challenges, including combat and puzzle-solving, and you will need to prove your worth to the faction. If you are successful, you will be granted the rank of Legate and given access to new weapons, armor, and technology.

2. What are some tips for completing the Legate trial in Elex?

Before you attempt the Legate trial, make sure to equip yourself with the best weapons and armor available. You will also want to level up your skills and abilities as much as possible. During the trial, take your time and be methodical in your approach. Use your skills and abilities to your advantage, and don’t be afraid to retreat and heal if necessary. Pay attention to your surroundings and look for clues to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Finally, stay focused and don’t get discouraged if you fail the trial the first time. Keep trying and you will eventually succeed!

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