Elex 2: In Training – walkthrough

This page of the Elex 2 guide contains a guide on how to finish the In Training mission given by Wardek.

The In Training quest is given by Wardek after completing The Lost Father quest. This page of the Elex 2 game guide contains a walkthrough of the quest. Our tips will explain the effects of your choices during your conversation with Dex.

  • Conversation with Caja
  • Conversation with Dex

Conversation with Caja

At the beginning of the quest, you will need to speak with Caja. If she is not with you, you can find her in the Bastion. Start a conversation and mention Dex.

Conversation with Dex

Next, go to Dex in the Bastion and tell him to leave that place. Dex will ask questions, and your answers will affect where Jax’s son goes. If you say that family comes first and that violence must be reduced, Dex will go to the Castle (the Clerics’ home). Conversely, if you say it is not worth paying attention to others, Dex will go to the Crater, which is the place of the Outlaws. Nevertheless, the mission will be completed once the conversation is over, regardless of your choice.


What is Elex 2: In Training?

Elex 2: In Training is an action role-playing game developed by Piranha Bytes and published by THQ Nordic. It is the sequel to the original Elex game and follows the story of Jax, a former outlaw who is now a commander in the Berserker army. In this game, Jax must train a group of new recruits to fight against a new threat to the world of Magalan.

What are some tips for playing Elex 2: In Training?

One tip for playing Elex 2: In Training is to focus on completing quests to gain experience points and level up. This will make it easier to defeat enemies and progress through the game. Another tip is to use the crafting system to create new weapons and armor, as this will give the player an advantage in combat. It is also important to prioritize upgrading Jax’s skills and abilities to make him a more effective fighter. Finally, be sure to explore the game world thoroughly to find hidden treasures and complete side quests for additional rewards.

How long does it take to beat Elex 2: In Training?

The length of time it takes to beat Elex 2: In Training depends on the player’s skill level and how much time they spend exploring the game world and completing quests. On average, it takes around 20-30 hours to complete the main story of the game. However, if the player chooses to complete all of the side quests and fully explore the game world, it can take upwards of 50 hours to complete.

What are some of the new features in Elex 2: In Training?

Elex 2: In Training introduces several new features to the series, including a new crafting system that allows players to create their own weapons and armor. The game also features a new faction system, where the player can choose to align with one of three factions and gain access to unique weapons and abilities. Additionally, the game introduces a new skill tree system, where the player can upgrade Jax’s skills and abilities to suit their playstyle. Finally, the game features a new enemy faction, the Hybrid, which poses a unique threat to the player and must be defeated to progress through the game.

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