Elex: Elex Supplies – Walkthrough

Elex Supplies is a side quest that becomes available during your visit to Goliet village in Elex. Your task is to search for machine parts inside the converter in Edan. Alternatively, you can meet with Korin who attempted the same quest before you but failed.

To unlock this quest, speak with Jora in one of the huts in Goliet. During the conversation, if you have 2 skill points in Crafting, you can show your knowledge about the process of extracting Elex.

The Converter in Edan is your destination, which is located north-west of Goliet. However, beware of the Albs and stronger monsters that reside there. It is recommended that you have a minimum level of 10 before starting this mission. Alternatively, you can speak with Korin, who is hiding near the converter, and learn about his journey for the parts. You can also promise him to retrieve his lost weapon, which is connected to another side quest called Necessary for Survival.

Once you enter the converter, focus on finding the lifts that can take you to the upper floors. Be prepared to face Threatening Rotboar monsters along the way. The Machine Parts can be found on one of the upper floors, and you need to collect three sets of them before exiting the converter.

You can complete this quest in two ways. You can bring the parts to Korin, who will take them to the village, or you can bring them to Jora in Goliet. Regardless of your choice, you will receive 850XP and Elexit, the amount of which depends on who you gave the parts to and whether you asked for payment before starting your searches.


1. What is Elex Supplies in the Elex game?

Elex Supplies is a faction in the Elex game that focuses on providing resources to the people of the game world. They are known for their advanced technology and their ability to produce high-quality goods. The faction is located in the city of Goliet, and they are led by a man named Duras. Players can join the Elex Supplies faction by completing certain quests and earning the trust of the faction members. Once you join the faction, you will gain access to their technology and resources, which can be very useful in the game.

2. How do I join the Elex Supplies faction?

To join the Elex Supplies faction, you must first complete certain quests and earn the trust of the faction members. The first quest you need to complete is called “A Package for Duras,” which involves delivering a package to the faction leader in Goliet. Once you complete this quest, you will be able to talk to Duras and learn more about the faction. From there, you can complete additional quests and earn the trust of the other faction members. Once you have earned enough trust, you will be able to join the faction and gain access to their technology and resources.

3. What are some of the benefits of joining the Elex Supplies faction?

There are several benefits to joining the Elex Supplies faction in the Elex game. First, you will gain access to their advanced technology, which can be very useful in combat and exploration. You will also have access to their resources, which can help you craft better weapons and armor. Additionally, joining the faction will give you access to new quests and storylines, which can help you progress through the game. Finally, being a member of the Elex Supplies faction will allow you to interact with other members of the faction, which can be a fun and rewarding experience.

4. What should I know before joining the Elex Supplies faction?

Before joining the Elex Supplies faction, there are a few things you should know. First, the faction is located in the city of Goliet, which is a dangerous place filled with mutants and other hostile creatures. You will need to be prepared for combat if you want to join the faction. Additionally, the faction has a strict code of honor and conduct, and you will need to follow their rules if you want to remain a member. Finally, joining the Elex Supplies faction may have consequences for your relationships with other factions in the game, so you should be prepared for the potential fallout.

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