Elex: Scrap Delivery – Walkthrough

This quest is given to you by Mad Bob, one of the Outlaws’ leaders. Your task is to find out why the junk shipments are delayed. During the investigation, you will encounter the Clerics, a rival faction, and have to make a decision.

To unlock the quest, speak with Mad Bob in The Fort.

Ethan reveals who’s responsible for missing junk shipments

Mad Bob sits on one of the thrones in The Fort. Speak with him to start the quest.

Head west of the fort to a small tower near the Old Windfarm. Speak with Ethan. You can obtain the required information by fighting him (choose to steal from him a couple of times) or by conducting the conversation correctly. You will learn that you need to go to a nearby Clerics’ camp.

The big decision made during the conversation with Volkmar

The Clerics’ camp, the Old Factory, is southwest of the tower where Ethan was. Meet their leader, Volkmar. You have two options: attack them (a tough battle) or let them keep stealing the junk and promise to lie to Mad Bob.

Return to Mad Bob. If you defeated the Clerics, tell him everything. You will receive 400XP and 300 Elexit. If you chose the second solution, you have two choices:

  1. Lie to Bob about the Clerics’ activities (400XP). You will receive 300 Elexit and be able to do more missions for him. However, Mad Bob may discover the truth later in the game and won’t be happy.
  2. Tell the truth about the Clerics (400XP). Mad Bob may start to suspect that you’re playing on two fronts, but you will still be able to take quests from him.

After completing the quest, return to William. If you managed to restore the process of acquiring junk, you will receive a reward of 200 Elexit.


What is Elex: Scrap Delivery?

Elex: Scrap Delivery is a side mission in the game Elex, where players are tasked with delivering scrap to certain locations in exchange for rewards. The mission is available in the first chapter of the game, and is a great way for players to earn experience points and increase their reputation with factions.

How do I start the Elex: Scrap Delivery mission?

To start the mission, players must first speak to the Scrap Baron in the Fort. The Scrap Baron will give players a list of locations where they must deliver the scrap. Once the player has delivered all of the scrap, they must return to the Scrap Baron to receive their reward.

What are the rewards for completing the Elex: Scrap Delivery mission?

The rewards for completing the mission vary depending on the player’s reputation with the factions. Players with a higher reputation will receive better rewards, such as weapons, armor, and Elexit. In addition, completing the mission will also grant the player experience points, which will help them level up and unlock new skills.

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