Elex: Helping Hands – Walkthrough

Helping Hands is a side quest that can be unlocked while in Abessa in the game Elex. It involves solving a problem regarding members of the Outlaws who are in a camp near the city. The player can choose to either get rid of them or stand on their side.

To unlock the quest, the player must speak with Gustav near an entrance to Domed City.

The player will face a battle with the Outlaws but must prevent being surrounded.

Gustav, a member of the Clerics faction, guards a side entrance to Domed City. He requests that the player gets rid of the Outlaws who are located east from the city. The player can go to the camp and speak with Hunter. The first option is to fulfill Gustav’s request and attack the Outlaws. Each defeated enemy gives the player 100XP, and by killing all of them, the player gets an additional 400XP. After completing the job, the player can return to Gustav and receives 200XP and 280 Elexit.

Alternatively, the player can agree to Hunter’s proposition to eliminate Gustav. The player must ask Gustav for help in eliminating the Outlaws and accompany him to the camp. When the player reaches the camp, a fight will break out, and they must focus ONLY on attacking Gustav as he won’t have any chance against this many enemies. After killing Gustav, the player receives 225XP and 367 Elexit when they search his body. The player must then speak with Hunter and receive 72 Elexit.


What is Elex: Helping Hands?

Elex: Helping Hands is a quest in the popular video game Elex, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. In this quest, the player must assist a group of settlers who are struggling to survive in their new home. The quest involves completing various tasks, such as finding food and resources, repairing damaged equipment, and defending the settlement against hostile enemies.

How do I complete the Elex: Helping Hands quest?

To complete this quest, you will need to follow the objectives given to you by the settlers. These objectives may include finding and delivering resources, repairing damaged equipment, and defending the settlement from enemy attacks. It is important to keep track of your progress and regularly check in with the settlers to see if they need any further assistance. Additionally, it is important to be prepared for combat encounters, as enemies may attempt to attack the settlement at any time.

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