Peruvian Jungle Secrets: Relics, Documents, and Treasure Chest Locations in SoTR

The Peruvian Jungle is the first significant location in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. In this area, you can find nine relics, one treasure chest, thirteen documents, and nine survival caches. We have provided maps that display the locations of all the secrets within the Peruvian Jungle. Yellow icons represent documents, red icons represent relics, and blue icons represent survival caches.

  • Treasure Chest
  • Relics
  • Documents
  • Survival Cache

Treasure Chest

The treasure chests (10) are located near Judge’s Gaze tomb, within a cave that can be accessed by using a rope. Keep in mind that these chests require a special lockpick, which can be purchased from Moraekah, to open.


Handkerchief (1) – located behind a small lake in the northern area of this location.

Sextant (2) – climb the tree and jump onto a stone ledge, then open the red box to find the relic.

Video Camera (3) – located on the ground next to the survival cache west from the Plane Wreckage campsite.

Pistol Parts (4) – located in the left part of the Plane Wreckage campsite. Approach the area to spot the small red box.

Grave Marker (5) – located immediately after entering the crypt.

Elongated Skull (6) – located in the same crypt as the Grave Marker, but guarded by traps that must be disarmed.

Llama Figurine (7) – located on the left side of the large gearwheels within a chest on the ground.

Bowl of Powder (8) – located by walking down the stairs towards the water.

Pistol Parts (9) – located near the Jungle Ruins campsite, a few steps to the left.


Jack’s Journal (1) – located in the main room of Judge’s Graze tomb. Climb the wall to the right of the ladder. Lara will encounter a trap, so disarm it before reaching the document.

A King’s Ransom (3) – located in the highest room of the crypt in the northwest area of the location. Open the sarcophagus and break the wall to find the document on the other side.

Jack’s Journal 2 (4) – located after disarming the first few traps in the Peruvian Jungle crypt.

Fawcett’s Last Letter (5) – located inside the cave beside the treasure chest.

Jack’s Journal 4 (6) – found during one of the main missions.

Jack’s Journal 6 (7) – located next to a small body of water.

Sisimite (8) – start at Miguel’s Landing Site and follow the bloodstains. The document is located at the end of the road, next to a rock.

Jack’s Journal 3 (9) – climb the two white walls, use your survival instinct to spot a tree on the right, climb it, and jump down to the stone ledge where the document is located.

Jack’s Journal 5 (10) – easy to spot, located in the Peruvian Jungle.

A King’s Ransom (11) – located inside the crypt in the eastern part of the Peruvian Jungle.

This guide provides information on the locations of various documents and survival caches in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The Underworld Gate document can be found on the left of the Canyon Ruins campsite, while the At The Gate document is located in the Underworld Gate tomb. As for the survival caches, the first one is near the northern crypt in the Peruvian Jungle, in shallow water. The second one can be found west of the Plane Wreckage campsite, near the Video Camera relic. The third cache is on the left side of the Plane Wreckage campsite, also in shallow water. The fourth cache is located on a stone ledge to the left of the crypt exit, while the fifth is near the entrance to the crypt in the east of the map. The sixth cache is to the left of the campsite, on the ground, and can be spotted easily with the survival instinct. The seventh and eighth caches are near the gearwheels, with the seventh to the north and the eighth to the south. Finally, the ninth cache can be found in the Underworld Gate tomb.


1. What are the relics, documents and treasure chests in Peruvian Jungle?

The Peruvian Jungle is one of the locations in the game Shadow of the Tomb Raider. In this area, there are various collectibles that players can find, including relics, documents and treasure chests. Relics are ancient objects that Lara Croft can examine to learn more about the history and culture of the region. Documents are pieces of paper or parchment that contain information about the people and places in the game. Treasure chests contain valuable items that can be sold for in-game currency.

2. Can these collectibles be found easily in Peruvian Jungle?

Finding the relics, documents and treasure chests in Peruvian Jungle requires exploration and puzzle-solving skills. Some of these items are hidden in hard-to-reach places, while others are guarded by enemies or traps. Players need to use their instincts and tools to locate and collect these items. However, the game provides clues and markers to help players navigate the area and find the collectibles.

3. What is the significance of these collectibles in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

The relics, documents and treasure chests in Peruvian Jungle are not just there for decoration. They serve a purpose in the game’s story and gameplay. Relics and documents provide insights into the ancient civilization that Lara Croft is trying to uncover. They also unlock new skills and abilities for the player. Treasure chests contain valuable items that can be used to upgrade weapons and equipment. Collecting all of these items is essential for completing the game and achieving 100% completion.

4. Are there any dangers or challenges in collecting these items?

Yes, there are several dangers and challenges in collecting the relics, documents and treasure chests in Peruvian Jungle. The area is teeming with hostile wildlife and enemy soldiers who will attack Lara Croft on sight. There are also booby traps and puzzles that players must solve to reach some of the collectibles. In addition, some of the items are hidden or located in hard-to-reach places, requiring players to use their traversal skills to get to them.

5. What rewards can players expect from collecting all of the relics, documents and treasure chests in Peruvian Jungle?

Collecting all of the relics, documents and treasure chests in Peruvian Jungle will reward players with various in-game bonuses. These include new outfits, weapon upgrades, and skills that can be used throughout the game. In addition, players who collect all of the items in the game will unlock a special ending that reveals more about the story and characters. So, it’s worth the effort to explore and collect everything in the game.

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