Complete List of Bobbleheads in Fallout 4

Overview of Bobbleheads in Fallout 4

The Bobbleheads are scattered throughout the game and can be found in different locations. They give permanent boosts to your character’s stats and can also provide new bonuses and skills. Finding 10 and 20 Bobbleheads will unlock the trophies: “They’re not dolls…” and “…they’re action figures”. Although the map above can help, Bobbleheads are usually hidden and difficult to find.

Note – It is advised to collect Bobbleheads from easier areas first and save the ones in locked or guarded places for later.

Medicine Bobblehead [1]

Effects: Increases the amount of health restored by Stimpacks by 10%

Location: The Medicine Bobblehead can be found in Vault 81 (screen 1), which can be accessed by delivering three fusion cores. After entering, complete the quests Here Kitty, Kitty and Hole in the Wall. The Bobblehead is located in the abandoned part of the crypt (screen 2) where you meet Curie the robot. It can be found on the desk next to the terminal. If you miss it, you can return later using the opened door on the left side of the vault entrance.

Perception Bobblehead [2]

Effects: Increases Perception by 1

Location: The Perception Bobblehead is located in the Museum of Freedom in Concord (screen 1). Visit this location during the second main quest, When Freedom Calls. The Bobblehead is located on the upper floor of the museum near the area where you first meet Preston Garvey and the rest of the Minutemen (screen 2).

Science Bobblehead [3]

Effects: Increases the number of tries when hacking a terminal by 1

Location: The Bobblehead can be found in the Corvega Assembly Plant (sector III). Start the quest received from Jared in the Drumlin Diner and clear the plant of all enemies. After that, enter the plant’s administration area, where you will find the bobblehead on a desk in the room with the hole in the wall and a view of the factory floor.

Agility Bobblehead [4]


Effects: Increases Agility by 1.

Location: The bobblehead is located near the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star (picture 1), on the southeastern coast of the last sector (southwest of Spectacle Island). The enemies in this area are relatively strong, so be prepared to fight them off. The bobblehead can be found at the very front of the ship, on a board (picture 2). Be careful, as one of the enemies is legendary.

Barter Bobblehead [5]

Effects: Improves the prices of buying and selling with merchants by 5%.

Location: The Bobblehead can be found in Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery (sector III). You can start the quest given by Theodore, but it is not necessary to complete it to collect the bobblehead. Enter the production hall and climb the stairs to the first floor office. In the last room, you will find the figurine lying on the computer.

Explosives Bobblehead [6]

Effects: Increases the damage dealt by explosive weapons by 15%.

Location: The Bobblehead can be found in the Saugus Ironworks (sector II). Start the quest “Out of the Fire” received from Abraham Finch at the Finch Farm (sector III) and complete it. Then, proceed to the end of the ironworks, using the passage to the second part of the building under the roof. In the small room with the cauldron in the middle, you will face Slag. The Bobblehead is lying on the measuring device where Slag was standing during the cutscene (above the cauldron).

Sneak Bobblehead [7]

Effects: Makes you 10% harder to detect permanently.

Location: Go to the Dunwich Borers (sector III) and enter the mine at the bottom. In the fourth room with boards on the pillars, you will have to fight a large number of ghouls. The bobblehead is located on the desk next to the entrance to the next tunnel.

Repair Bobblehead [8]

Effects: Fusion cores last 10% longer.

Location: The Bobblehead can be found in the Corvega Assembly Plant (sector III). Start the quest from Jared in the Drumlin Diner and eliminate all enemies in the plant. Then, go to the plant’s administration area, where you will find the bobblehead on a desk in the room with the hole in the wall and a view of the factory floor.

Location: To find the Bobblehead for Strength, head to the Corvega Assembly Plant. Once you’re in front of the building, turn left and make your way to the roof. From there, turn right and climb the stairs until you reach the end. The Bobblehead is located next to the container in the southwest corner, accessible via two stairways.

Strength Bobblehead [9]

Effects: Permanently increases Strength by 1

Location: The Luck Bobblehead can be found in the Mass Fusion Building in Boston. This location is filled with strong shooters, so be prepared for a tough fight. The elevator won’t work, so you’ll need to make your way up each level until you reach the top floor. There, you’ll face a mini-boss in power armor. Defeat him and explore the area. The Bobblehead can be found on top of the large statue above the reception area.

Luck Bobblehead [10]

Effects: Permanently increases Luck by 1

Location: The Unarmed Bobblehead can be found at Atom Cats Garage. This is a small, neutral camp that you can enter at any time. The Bobblehead is located on top of a car in one of the two garages.

Unarmed Bobblehead [11]

Effects: Grants a +25 bonus to critical damage when attacking with no weapons

Location: The Endurance Bobblehead is located in the Poseidon Energy building in the far south. Getting inside is challenging, as the building is closed. You’ll need to walk into the water and use the partially flooded pipe to reach lower levels. From there, continue forward until you reach the proper building. Look for the Bobblehead on the desk near the terminal in the middle office on the higher levels.

Endurance Bobblehead [12]

Effects: Permanently increases Endurance by 1

Location: The Charisma Bobblehead is located in the Parsons State Insane Asylum. Access to the building is restricted and requires completion of several side quests, including Special Delivery, Emogene Takes a Lover, and at least part of The Secret of Cabot House quest which takes place mostly in this hospital. Look for the Bobblehead on the desk in the room with the elevator where you’ll find Edward the wounded ghoul. Start the quest sequence by talking to Edward in Bunker Hill.

Charisma Bobblehead [13]

Effects: Permanently increases Charisma by 1

Location: The Intelligence Bobblehead can be found by swimming to Spectacle Island. Once you arrive, head east following the electric cables until you find a green boat. Climb up to the “first floor” and look for the drawers on the right. The Bobblehead is located in one of them.

Intelligence Bobblehead [14]

Effects: Permanently increases Intelligence by 1

Location: Inside the Boston Public Library, you can find another figurine during the Public Knowledge quest given by Daisy the merchant in Goodneighbor. If you have advanced lockpicking skills, you can enter the library at any point in the game. Head left from the main entrance, towards the north. You will come across a small working room where the figurine is located on small electronic devices.

Speech Bobblehead [15]

Effects: All available merchants will always have 100 additional bottlecaps to use in trading.

Location: This bobblehead is found during the Unlikely Valentine main story quest. After reaching Park Street Station and Vault 114, you can find the collectible on a desk in the room where Nick Valentine is held.

Energy Weapons Bobblehead [16]

Effects: Increases critical damage dealt by energy weapons (plasma, laser, etc.) by 25%.

Location: The Energy Weapons Bobblehead is slightly harder to find due to the large location size. It is hidden in Fort Hagen, which you can reach during the Reunions quest. In the Fort Hagen Command Center’s bottom level, walk through the corridor next to the wall of locked doors on the left. Turn right at the end of the corridor and continue walking. After turning left, you will notice the canteen behind the wall. Enter it and proceed towards the double door behind which you will find the bobblehead between the fridges.

Small Guns Bobblehead [17]

Effects: Increases critical damage dealt by small guns (pistols, light automatics, etc.) by 25%.

Location: You must be well-prepared and armed to get this bobblehead, which can be found in the Gunners Plaza, a small mercenary fort located in the south. Be especially careful of enemies with launchers outside the building. After walking frontally, keep going west through the middle of the building. Walk behind the wall on your way behind the large wall in the corridor. At the end of the corridor, you will see a door with an “On the air” sign on it. The bobblehead is inside.

Melee Bobblehead [18]

Effects: Increases critical damage dealt by melee weapons (knives, swords, etc.) by 25%.

Location: This bobblehead is located at the top of the Trinity Tower building in Boston, which is related to the Curtain Call quest. Use elevators, stairs, and collapsed ceilings to ascend to the top of the building. After defeating the strongest supermutant in the area, you will see a green ammunition chest. Inside it, you will find the key to the cell in which Rex and Strong are held. The figurine is in that cell, at the window.

Big Guns Bobblehead [19]

Effects: Increases critical damage dealt by big guns (minigun, rocket launcher, etc.) by 25%.

Getting the Location of Two Rare Bobbleheads in Fallout 4

If you are struggling to find two rare bobbleheads in Fallout 4, then you have come to the right place. Here is a guide on how to get the Lock Picking and Shooters bobbleheads.

Shooters Bobblehead [13]

Location: The Shooters bobblehead can be found in Vault 95 which is the most heavily defended shooters base. To get inside, you need to bypass the security. Once you are inside, head towards the right and go to the bottom floor. Look for stairs that lead to the residential area and then search the rooms on the north side. You will find a group of shooters in one of the rooms and behind a small hole in the wall, you will find the bobblehead.

Effect: The Shooters bobblehead makes you a better shooter and you get better accuracy with non-automatic rifles.

Lock Picking Bobblehead [20]

Location: The Lock Picking bobblehead can be found in the Pickman Gallery. Head inside the building and go to the top floor. On the left side from the top of the stairs, there is a hole in the wall. Use the holes in the floor to get to the basement. Keep going deeper and then through the sewers until you reach a room with a fire. You will find the bobblehead lying on the ground among the pillars. The collectible can move a bit because of the battles that take place in this location.

Effect: The Lock Picking bobblehead makes lock picking easier for you.


What are bobbleheads and how are they made?

Bobbleheads are small figurines with a disproportionately large head that is attached to the body by a spring. The head bobbles or wobbles when the figurine is touched or moved. They are typically made of resin or plastic and are often hand-painted. The process of making a bobblehead involves creating a clay model of the desired character or person, which is then used to create a mold. The mold is filled with resin or plastic and allowed to harden. Once the figurine is removed from the mold, it is painted by hand and the spring is attached to the head.

What are some popular types of bobbleheads?

Bobbleheads come in all shapes and sizes, but some of the most popular types include sports figures, superheroes, celebrities, and political figures. Sports bobbleheads are often made in the likeness of popular athletes and are a favorite among fans. Superhero bobbleheads feature characters from popular comic books and movies, while celebrity bobbleheads often depict actors, musicians, and other famous people. Political bobbleheads are also popular and are often used as campaign merchandise during elections. Many companies also create custom bobbleheads that can be made to look like a specific person or character.

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