Groups and Factions in Fallout 4

Players can choose to collaborate with one or several factions or ignore them entirely.

Fallout 4 features numerous groups, each with their own objectives and attitudes towards the player and the game world. Generally, the members of a group, such as the Gunners or Child of Atom, do not comprise a unified whole. This means that helping or killing a member does not necessarily affect your relationship with the entire group. However, there are four major factions in the game:

  • Minutemen
  • Brotherhood of Steel
  • Railroad
  • Institute

With these factions, it is important to be cautious because your decisions can significantly impact your relationship with the entire group. The basic principle is simple: helping a faction improves your relationship with them while killing their members can turn them into your enemies. However, the situation is more complicated because factions may have conflicting objectives or may be hostile towards each other from the start of the game. Supporting Faction A may automatically make you an enemy of Faction B. Our game walkthrough guide provides a detailed description of all factions, including how to join them and what actions can hinder your cooperation with specific groups.


What are factions in a game world?

Factions are groups or organizations within a game world that have their own unique goals, beliefs, and values. These factions may be friendly to the player, hostile, or neutral. They can also have a significant impact on the gameplay, offering quests, rewards, or penalties depending on the player’s actions towards them.

Why are smaller groups important in a game world?

Smaller groups, such as clans or guilds, can add a layer of social interaction to a game world. These groups allow players to work together towards a common goal, whether it’s completing a difficult quest or dominating a particular area of the game world. They can also offer a sense of community and belonging, which can be especially important in massively multiplayer online games. Additionally, smaller groups can create their own unique identity within the game world, adding to the overall richness and depth of the experience.

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