Resource List for Weapon Modifications

Resource Name



Duct tape, Economy wonderglue, Military grade duct tape, Pack of duct tape, Sealed wonderglue, Vegetable starch, Wonderglue


Broken lamp, brown bottle, burgundy bottle, chemistry jar, cracked glass bowl, desk lamp, drinking glass, empty milk bottle, flask, fuse, glass pitcher, graduated cylinder, Gwinnett ale bottle, Gwinnett brew bottle, Gwinnett lager bottle, Gwinnett pale ale bottle, Gwinnett pilsner bottle, Gwinnett stout bottle, lab bottle, lantern, large baby bottle, large beaker, light bulb, liquor bottle, magnifying glass,


Toy rocketship, Alarm clock, , Aluminum can, Surgical tray


Aluminum canister, blowtorch, blue paint, cooking oil, cutting fluid, flip lighter, gas canister, Gold plated flip lighter, industrial oil canister, industrial size shortening, lantern, Mr. Handy fuel, Paint can, soap, unused flip lighter, used oil can, yellow paint


Desk fan, Giddyup Buttercup, Globe, handcuffs, hot plate, Hubcap, office desk fan, pepper mill, tongs, toy car, toy truck


Steel items that can be disassembled (houses, steel shelves, generators, etc.)

Moreover: Antique table knife, ball-peen hammer, bandage scissors, blowtorch, blue paint, bonesaw, Brotherhood of Steel holotag, bunsen burner, can, clothes hanger, clothing iron, Coffee pot, colander, combination wrench, connecting rod, cooking pan, cooking pot, covered saucepan, cutting fluid, desk fan, dinner fork, dinner plate, dog tags, empty paint can, enamel bucket, extinguisher, flip lighter, frying pan, gas canister, Giddyup Buttercup, Giddyup Buttercup front leg, Gold plated flip lighter, handcuffs, industrial solvent


Antique globe, baby rattle, baseball base, bowling ball, bowling pin, bread box, broom, cafeteria tray, cigarette carton, clean broom, clothing iron, Coffee pot, cooking oil, coolant, cue ball, dog bowl, eight ball, eleven ball, empty coolant, enhanced targeting card, Fancy hairbrush, feather duster, fifteen ball, fourteen ball, hairbrush, Jangles the Moon Monkey, league bowling pin, life preserver, Luxobrew coffee pot, pack of cigarettes, pen, pepper mill, plastic bowl, plastic knife, plastic plate, plastic pumpkin, plastic spoon, salt shaker, scissors, shopping basket, six ball

Nuclear Material

Alarm clock, Biometric scanner, Blast Radius board game, distress pulser, high-powered magnet, inactive distress pulser, Wakemaster alarm clock

Fiber Optics

Pip-Boy, Biometric scanner, microscope


Electronic constructions that can be dismantled (like generators, robots, etc.)

Moreover: Phone, hot plate


What are weapon modifications?

Weapon modifications are changes made to firearms and other weapons to improve their performance. These modifications can include things like adding new sights or scopes, upgrading the trigger mechanism, or even changing the materials used in the gun itself. Weapon modifications can be done for many reasons, including improving accuracy, increasing power, or making the gun more comfortable to use.

What resources are available for learning about weapon modifications?

There are many resources available for learning about weapon modifications. Online forums and communities dedicated to firearms are a great place to start, as they often have detailed discussions about specific modifications and how to perform them. Gun magazines and books can also be a great resource, as they often have articles and guides on different types of modifications. Finally, gun shows and expos can be a great place to learn about weapon modifications, as they often have vendors selling parts and accessories and experts giving demonstrations and advice.

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