Finding and Defeating Treasure Goblins in Diablo Immortal

Are you curious if Treasure Goblins are present in Diablo Immortal? These speedy creatures carry a bag filled with gold and valuable items, making them a must-kill target. Read on to learn how to locate and defeat them for maximum loot.

Similar to Diablo 3, Treasure Goblins are present in Diablo Immortal. These neutral creatures will run away as soon as they get hit, making it crucial to act fast.

You can hear a distinct chuckle when you’re near a Treasure Goblin, which spawns in random locations across the map. Defeating one can result in valuable loot, including legendary gear if you’re lucky. However, if you fail to defeat the Goblin within the given time, it will escape through a portal and relocate to a different area.

Follow these tips to quickly defeat a Treasure Goblin in Diablo Immortal:

  1. Prepare your strongest attacks and skills to deal maximum damage quickly.
  2. Focus on the Goblin and ignore any remaining enemies.
  3. Keep attacking to avoid the Goblin’s escape through a portal.


1. Are goblins present in Diablo Immortal?

Yes, goblins are present in Diablo Immortal. They function in a similar way to their counterparts in previous Diablo games, dropping treasure when defeated. However, there are some differences in their behavior and appearance. For example, some goblins may teleport away when attacked, while others may summon minions to fight alongside them.

2. What types of goblins can be found in Diablo Immortal?

There are several types of goblins that can be found in Diablo Immortal. These include the Treasure Goblin, which drops a large amount of gold and gems when defeated, and the Blood Thief Goblin, which drops health orbs. Other types of goblins include the Gelatinous Goblin, which splits into smaller versions of itself when attacked, and the Insufferable Miscreant Goblin, which drops crafting materials.

3. How can I increase my chances of encountering goblins in Diablo Immortal?

There are several ways to increase your chances of encountering goblins in Diablo Immortal. One way is to participate in events that have a higher chance of spawning goblins, such as the Treasure Hunt event. Another way is to use items or abilities that increase your luck or chance of finding treasure, such as the Lucky Ring or the Greed passive skill.

4. What should I do if I encounter a goblin in Diablo Immortal?

If you encounter a goblin in Diablo Immortal, your goal should be to defeat it as quickly as possible. Goblins have a tendency to try and escape when attacked, so it’s important to deal as much damage as you can before they teleport away. Additionally, try to avoid getting distracted by the treasure they drop, as this can give the goblin an opportunity to escape. Finally, be aware of any minions or traps the goblin may summon, as these can make the fight more difficult.

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