How to Quickly Collect Lots of Bottlecaps?

One effective strategy is to invest in the Cap Collector perk.

Bottlecaps are the official currency in Fallout 4 and, like most RPGs, they can be hard to come by. This is especially true early on in the game when you can’t afford decent weapons or ammo. On this page, we’ll share tips for legitimately earning bottlecaps without relying on patches or cheats.

  • The most straightforward way to get bottlecaps is to find them in the game world. Look for chests that may contain up to several dozen bottlecaps. Early on in the game, invest in the Fortune Finder perk and upgrade it to level two (out of four possible levels) to find more bottlecaps in containers or near enemy bodies.
  • Another way to quickly accumulate bottlecaps is to sell unwanted items to merchants. Explore locations carefully and collect items of high value. But before visiting merchants, invest in the Cap Collector perk (unlockable at the beginning of the game) to get better prices. This perk allows you to receive more bottlecaps for the same equipment. Keep your most valuable items in a container or companion’s inventory until you unlock higher levels of the perk.
  • Completing quests doesn’t pay particularly well in Fallout 4, with rewards usually totaling no more than 100-200 bottlecaps. However, if you have a character with developed Charisma, you can often negotiate with questgivers for higher payment. Save your game before attempting persuasion as failed attempts cannot be redone.
  • Late in the game, consider selling Bobbleheads and magazines as the statistic boosts they provide are permanent. The only exception is if you plan to keep them in a collection. You can also earn bottlecaps by developing settlements and creating connections between them, but this topic is covered in a separate chapter of the guide.


1. What are bottlecaps and why are they important?

Bottlecaps are small metal or plastic caps that are used to seal bottles. In many post-apocalyptic video games and movies, bottlecaps have become a form of currency. Players can use them to buy weapons, food, and other supplies. Therefore, gathering large numbers of bottlecaps is important for surviving in these games.

2. What are some methods for collecting bottlecaps?

One common method is to scour the game world for discarded bottles and other items that contain bottlecaps. Players can also trade with other characters in the game to acquire bottlecaps. Another option is to complete quests and missions that reward players with bottlecaps. Some players even resort to stealing bottlecaps from other characters.

3. Are there any glitches or exploits that can help players gather bottlecaps faster?

Yes, there are some glitches and exploits that can help players gather bottlecaps quickly. For example, in Fallout 4, players can use the “water duplication glitch” to create large amounts of purified water, which can then be sold for bottlecaps. Another exploit involves using the “Artillery Smoke Grenade” to call in artillery strikes on enemies. The explosions will often dislodge bottlecaps from nearby objects, allowing players to collect them more easily.

4. Is it possible to buy bottlecaps with real money?

In some games, players can purchase bottlecaps with real money through microtransactions. However, this is generally frowned upon by the gaming community, as it gives players an unfair advantage over those who choose not to spend money. It is also worth noting that buying in-game currency with real money is often against the game’s terms of service and can result in a ban or suspension.

5. Are there any strategies for using bottlecaps wisely?

Yes, it is important to use bottlecaps wisely in order to survive in post-apocalyptic games. Players should prioritize purchasing weapons, ammunition, and food over luxury items. It is also a good idea to invest in perks and upgrades that will help players conserve resources and improve their chances of survival. Additionally, players should consider storing excess bottlecaps in a secure location, as they may be stolen by other characters or lost in a battle.

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