Power Armor Varieties

There are five types of Power Armor and one legendary body available in Fallout 4. Discovering them in the locations described below typically hinges on your character’s level, though there are some exceptions.

Raider Power Armor

This can be found at any experience level.


This is most frequently found between the first and fifteenth character levels.


This is most frequently found between levels 16 and 20.


This is most frequently found between levels 21 and 27.


This is most frequently found at levels 28 and above.

It is possible to uncover specific power armors and wear them earlier, but it will be much more difficult since high-level items are much rarer on lower experience levels.


What are the different types of Power Armor?

There are several different types of Power Armor in the Fallout game series. The T-45 Power Armor is the first type of Power Armor you encounter in the game and is the most basic. The T-51 Power Armor is an upgraded version of the T-45 and provides better protection. The X-01 Power Armor is considered to be the most advanced and powerful armor in the game. The T-60 Power Armor is a newer model that was introduced in Fallout 4 and is considered to be a mix between the T-45 and T-51. There are also unique Power Armors such as the Brotherhood of Steel’s Power Armor and the Enclave’s Power Armor, which have their own unique designs and abilities.

How do you obtain Power Armor in the game?

Power Armor can be obtained in several different ways in the Fallout game series. You can find Power Armor scattered throughout the game world, but it is usually in pieces and requires repairing. Power Armor can also be purchased from various vendors or obtained as a reward for completing quests. In Fallout 4, you can also customize and upgrade your Power Armor by finding and installing different mods. However, the most common way to obtain Power Armor is by defeating enemies who are wearing it, such as Raiders or Brotherhood of Steel soldiers. Once you defeat them, you can take their Power Armor and use it for yourself.

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