Where to locate core fusions early in the game?

There are ten locations marked on the map where you can find core fusions. These areas do not have strong enemies, and they should not be difficult to explore for new players.

Museum of Freedom – 1 core

Head to the basement (the collapsed floor at the stairs). The core is located in the generator. To access it, you must either break an easy lock or use an easy terminal. If you have not yet completed the When Freedom Calls quest, you will need to defeat a few raiders.

Concord sewers – 1 core

In the image, you can see the entrance to the sewers. The Museum of Freedom is visible ahead.

It is best to obtain this core after completing the When Freedom Calls quest. Enter the sewers and go down. Then continue running through the sewer until the end. The core is located behind the red metal element and is guarded by a single mirelurk.

Mole rats lair – 1 core

Located behind the Red Rocket Truck Stop.

Enter the lair and turn right after passing through the first tunnel. The core is located near the radioactive container. You will need to defeat a few mole rats.

Robotics Disposal Ground – 3 cores

Head towards the inactive sentry robot. The first core is located in the chest next to the robot.

To obtain the other two cores, you must make the robot self-destruct. To do this, go to the booth (the entrance is marked on the image below) and use the terminal.

Open the holotape of the combat scout prototype. After listening to it, you will be able to activate the self-destruct protocol. The wreckage of the robot will contain two cores.

USAF Satellite Station Olivia – 1 core

Enter the station.

Head to the basement at the very bottom. The core is located in the generator. On your way, you will need to defeat a few bandits.

Starlight Drive In – 1 core

Go to the back of the screen. The core can be found behind the locked door (easy lock) on the shelf.

Mystic Pines – 1 core

Enter the building and go left. Continue to the end of the corridor to the blue door. You will need to break a medium lock.

The core is located in the generator in the basement.

Roadside Pines Motel – 1 core

The core is located in the generator behind the motel. You will need to defeat a few raiders.

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1. Where can I find core fusions at the start of the game?

Core fusions are essential items in the game that allow you to upgrade your weapons and armor. Luckily, they can be found quite easily at the beginning of the game. The most common place to find them is by defeating enemies and opening chests in the starting areas. You can also buy them from merchants, but they can be costly. Another way to obtain core fusions is by completing quests or missions. Keep an eye out for any opportunities to earn them, as they can make a huge difference in your gameplay.

2. Are there any specific areas where I should focus my search for core fusions?

While core fusions can be found almost anywhere in the game, there are a few areas that tend to have a higher drop rate. The first area to focus on would be any dungeons or caves that you come across. These areas tend to have a higher concentration of enemies, which means a higher chance of obtaining core fusions. Another area to consider would be any ruins or ancient structures, as they often contain hidden treasures. Finally, keep an eye out for any enemy camps or forts, as they usually have a large number of enemies and can be a great place to farm for core fusions. Remember to also check your inventory regularly, as you may have picked up core fusions without realizing it!

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