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There are a total of 50 achievements and one additional trophy for PS4 in Fallout 4. This guide provides a list of all the achievements with a description on how to unlock them. Most of the achievements are unlocked during the course of the game and do not require any special intervention from the player. Most of the trophies are related to completing the main storyline quests, side quests, and reaching a certain level. For the harder challenges, this guide provides more detailed information, including where and when it is easier to get them.

Note: A separate page of this guide provides a description on how to complete the game while unlocking every possible achievement.

Ad Victoriam

Complete the “Ad Victoriam” quest for the Brotherhood of Steel.

Animal Control

Kill 300 creatures

Armed and Dangerous

Craft 50 weapon mods. You don’t have to use them.

Benevolent Leader

Make sure the happiness of citizens of any large towns reach 100%. A town must consist of at least 15 people. Satisfy all their needs, including food, water, beds, and defensive structures. More information about managing towns can be found on a separate page of this guide.

Blind Betrayal

Complete the “Blind Betrayal” quest for the Brotherhood of Steel.

Born Survivor

Reach level 5.

Commonwealth Citizen

Reach level 10.

Community Organizer

Enter an alliance with three towns while working for the Minutemen. The first one is the Sanctuary. Subsequent ones will be unlocked by completing side quests for the Minutemen.

Dangerous Minds

Complete the main quest “Dangerous Minds”. It cannot be missed.


Craft 100 objects using the Workshop. If you want to earn this achievement quickly, choose the simplest objects which do not require too many resources.

Future Retro

Play any minigame at any terminal. You can get this achievement while completing the first quest, when you try to get out of Vault 111. There is a terminal in the last administrator room.


Complete any 10 side quests.


You need to perform a homerun. Go to the Diamond City Market, to the baseball field. Stand at the starting point and run around, touching all four bases.|


Complete the “Hunter/Hunted” main quest. This achievement cannot be missed.


Complete the “Institutionalized” main quest. This achievement cannot be missed.

Legend Of The Wastes

Reach level 50


Reach 100% with any companion. Relationships can be improved by performing activities that your companions like. Depending on the companion, it can mean being nice to NPCs or opening locks. The game will always tell you if the companion liked your action.

Note – You can have a romantic relationship with some of the companions. It is not required for this achievement, but flirting with your companion can improve your relationship much more quickly.


Complete the “Mankind-Redefined” quest for the Institute. You can unlock the achievement only if you start helping this faction.


Kill 300 people. Focus on raiders not to turn the neutral and friendly NPCs against you.


Perform 50 minor tasks from the Miscellaneous section in the journal.

Never Go It Alone

Recruit at least 5 companions from the 13 possible ones available in the game. A separate guide chapter lists all the companions.

Nuclear Family

Complete “The Nuclear Family” quest, which is one of the two possible ending quests for the Institute faction. If you choose “The Nuclear Option” quest related to other factions, you won’t be able to unlock this achievement. Also, it’s essential not to get expelled from the Institute for cooperating with other factions. It’s wise to save the game before making any critical decisions.

Old Guns

Finish the “Old Guns” quest for the Minutemen.

Platinum Trophy

Earn all the trophies available on PS4.

Powering Up

Complete the “Powering Up” quest for the Institute by supporting this faction.

Prankster’s Return

Use the Pickpocket perk level 2 to put a live grenade in an enemy’s pocket while pickpocketing. If the action fails, reload the game and try again.

Prepared for the Future

Decide the fate of the Commonwealth by unlocking either the “Nuclear Family” or “Nuclear Option” ending quests.

Print’s Not Dead

Find and read 20 magazines scattered throughout the game. There are 122 of them in total.

Ranger Corps

Discover at least 100 locations in the game.


Complete the “Reunions” main quest, which is an unmissable achievement.

RobCo’s Worst Nightmare

Hack 50 terminals irrespective of their security level.

Rockets’ Red Glare

Finish the “Rockets’ Red Glare” quest for the Railroad.


Complete the “Sanctuary” quest for the Minutemen.


Collect 1000 crafting resources by either acquiring them or obtaining them from useless items.

Semper Invicta

Complete “The First Step” quest, which is when you first meet the Brotherhood of Steel. However, you can only collaborate with them if you haven’t completed too many quests for the Railroad or the Institute.

Taking Independence

Complete the “Taking Independence” quest for the Minutemen.

The First Step

Complete “The First Step” quest, which is when you first meet the Minutemen.

The Harder They Fall

Kill at least 5 large monsters such as Behemoths (special super mutants) or Mirelurk queens (found in a Minutemen quest).

The Molecular Level

Complete “The Molecular Level” main quest, which is an unmissable achievement.

The Nuclear Option

Complete “The Nuclear Option,” which is one of two possible ending quests for the Minutemen, Brotherhood of Steel, and the Railroad factions. However, if you choose “The Nuclear Family” quest related to the Institute faction, you won’t unlock this achievement. Saving the game before vital decisions is critical.

They’re Action Figures

Collect all 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads whose location is listed in the World Atlas.

They’re Not Dolls

Collect at least 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads out of the total 20 scattered throughout the game. The World Atlas lists their location.


Make your character perish in a mini-nuke explosion. The most powerful enemies possess a Fat Man ammo that can cause this. You can either acquire it and commit suicide or let an enemy use it. Alternatively, you can find a suicide super mutant who carries a mini nuke.


Finish the “Tradecraft” mission associated with the first encounter with the Railroad. You can only side with them if you haven’t completed too many tasks for the Brotherhood or the Institute.

Underground Undercover

Complete the “Underground Undercover” mission for the Railroad faction.

Unlikely Valentine

Complete the main quest “Unlikely Valentine.” This achievement cannot be missed.

Unstoppable Wanderer

Reach level 25.

War Never Changes

Exit Vault 111. This achievement cannot be missed.

Wasteland D.I.Y.

Craft 100 items. To unlock this achievement quickly, opt for simple items that require fewer resources.

What’s Yours Is Mine

Unlock 50 locks using bobby pins. The type and difficulty of the lock do not matter.

When Freedom Calls

Complete the main quest “When Freedom Calls.” This achievement cannot be missed.


1. What are achievements/trophies in video games?

Achievements and trophies are rewards that players can earn by completing specific objectives or tasks in video games. They are typically displayed as icons or badges on a player’s profile and can be viewed by other players. Achievements and trophies are meant to add an extra layer of challenge and motivation for players to complete certain aspects of the game and can range from simply progressing through the story to completing difficult challenges or finding hidden items.

2. How do achievements/trophies affect gameplay?

Achievements and trophies do not typically affect gameplay directly but can provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for players who enjoy completing challenges or collecting rewards. Some games may offer rewards or bonuses for earning achievements or trophies, such as unlocking new characters or levels, but these are typically cosmetic and do not impact the core gameplay experience.

3. Are achievements/trophies necessary to enjoy a game?

No, achievements and trophies are completely optional and do not affect the core gameplay experience. Some players enjoy collecting them as a personal challenge or for bragging rights, but others may choose to ignore them completely and simply enjoy the game for its own sake.

4. Can achievements/trophies be earned in multiplayer games?

Yes, achievements and trophies can be earned in multiplayer games as well as single-player games. However, they may be more difficult to earn in multiplayer games as they often require coordination with other players or may be tied to specific game modes or objectives.

5. Are achievements/trophies exclusive to certain gaming platforms?

No, achievements and trophies are a common feature across multiple gaming platforms, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo consoles. However, the specific implementation and design of achievements and trophies may vary slightly between platforms.

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