Map of Malden M2

Important Points about Fallout 4 – Quests M2

Places to start quests

Med-Tek Research [1] пїЅ Brotherhood of Steel quests: The Lost Patrol

General Atomics Galleria [2] пїЅ Side quests: Report to Director in General Atomics Galleria

Covenant [3] пїЅ Side quests: Human Error

Malden Middle School [4] пїЅ Side quests: Vault 75

The Slog [5] пїЅ Side quests: Find the toy repair parts for Arlen Glass

The M2 map above displays the second sector of the Fallout 4 world map. It is the northern part of the game world where you can find the city of Malden among other locations. Yellow dots on the map indicate areas where you can begin various quests, whether they are main, side, or faction quests. Red dots represent other locations where you will not unlock any quests, but they may be related to quests started elsewhere in the game world.


1. What is Malden Map M2?

Malden Map M2 is a map of the fictional island of Malden in the game Arma 3. It is a topographic map that shows the terrain, roads, buildings, and other features of the island. It is commonly used by players to navigate the island and plan their missions.

2. How do I download Malden Map M2?

Malden Map M2 is included in the Arma 3 game files and can be accessed through the game’s editor. To download the map, you need to own a copy of Arma 3 on Steam or another platform that offers the game. Once you have installed the game, you can access the map in the editor and use it to create your own scenarios and missions.

3. Can I modify Malden Map M2?

Yes, you can modify Malden Map M2 using the Arma 3 editor or other third-party tools. The editor allows you to add or remove objects, change the terrain, and adjust various settings to create your own custom missions and scenarios. However, it is important to note that modifying the map may affect its performance and compatibility with other players.

4. Are there any mods available for Malden Map M2?

Yes, there are many mods available for Malden Map M2 that add new objects, vehicles, weapons, and other features to the game. Some popular mods include RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, CUP Terrains – Core, and ACE3. These mods can enhance the gameplay experience and add new challenges and opportunities for players.

5. How can I use Malden Map M2 in multiplayer mode?

To use Malden Map M2 in multiplayer mode, you need to join a server that supports the map. Many servers offer custom missions and scenarios that use the map, and you can join these games using the Arma 3 multiplayer browser or by connecting to the server directly. Some servers may require you to download additional mods or files before you can play.

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