The Glowing Sea

How to unlock: The quest will become available after finishing the Dangerous Minds quest in the Memory Den located in Goodneighbor (M6,4).

Quest Objectives:

  • Find Virgil in the Glowing Sea

Preparing for the Journey to the Glowing Sea

Rad-X and AntiRad are not sufficient for the long journey to the Glowing Sea.

The Glowing Sea occupies the entire southwest region of the world map and has high radiation levels. Before embarking on your mission to kill Virgil, you must be well prepared. There are three ways to deal with the radiation. The simplest way is to stock up on Rad-X and RadAway chemicals. Rad-X temporarily increases radiation resistance, while RadAway removes any radiation you may have already received. However, these chemicals do not offer long-term protection, and you will have to use a large number of them to travel in a straight line and reduce travel time.

The second way to neutralize radiation is to obtain the Hazmat Suit. It can be found in the game world (for instance, in the Cambridge Polymer Labs location) or purchased from certain merchants. If you choose the latter option, visit the Fallon’s Basement shop in Diamond City Market (screen 1) and trade with Becky Fallon. She has a Hazmat suit among other items in her inventory (screen 2). However, using the Hazmat Suit has a significant disadvantage – it does not offer any other protection. Hence, you can easily die if attacked by monsters or bandits. Therefore, you will need to move through the Glowing Sea slowly and keep your distance from potential threats.

The third way is the best – using the Power Suit. Although it does not provide complete protection from radiation, it is sufficient to avoid the need to use RadAway frequently. Unlike the Hazmat Suit, you don’t have to worry about being helpless when attacked by monsters. Additionally, the Power Suit increases your overall defense level. If you still have the suit from the beginning of the game (the one from the first meeting with Minutemen), you can use it. Otherwise, you can obtain a new one by visiting the Robotics Disposal Ground location shown in picture 1 (there is a suit standing on the road south of the disposal ground).

Important – Power Suits require fusion cores to function, and they can be found in many larger locations in the game world as power sources. It is advisable to have 3-4 spare cores with you before starting this quest.

Locating Virgil in the Glowing Sea

To find Virgil, choose a location near the Glowing Sea that has already been uncovered and begin your journey towards the first marker. Beware of the various creatures that may attack you on the way, such as overgrown bugs, radscorpions, ghouls, or mole rats. As you continue on your journey, the location of the next markers will change, eventually leading you to one of the most significant locations on the world map – the Crater of Atom, which is shown in the picture above.

At the crater, you may encounter the Children of the Atom and their leader, Mother Isolde. While meeting them is not required, you can speak to Mother Isolde at one of the western buildings to inquire about Virgil’s whereabouts. She will inform you that he resides in a cave to the southwest of the crater.

Important note: Be cautious when speaking with Mother Isolde as being unfriendly may lead to a battle with her and the Children of the Atom. However, this does not prevent you from finding Virgil. You can locate him on your own or discover his cave location through a note found in the crater.

Follow the instructions and head southwest from the crater until you find the Rocky Cave, pictured above. Be careful as a single deathclaw is located near the cave. You can defeat this creature (if you have a power suit and a strong weapon like a rocket launcher or plasma cannon) or attempt to sneak past it.

Upon entering the cave, initiate a conversation with Virgil. If your character has a high Charisma, you may have access to special dialogue options twice, but this does not provide additional rewards besides experience points. Virgil will request that you retrieve a serum for him and will also provide information on how to enter the Institute quarters, which will initiate the main quest, Hunter Hunted.

Quest rewards: Experience points and a new main quest (Hunter Hunted).


What is the Glowing Sea in Fallout 4?

The Glowing Sea is a highly irradiated area located in the southwest corner of the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. It is characterized by a yellow-orange glow and a desolate landscape of cracked earth and destroyed buildings. The area is heavily contaminated with radiation, making it extremely dangerous for players to explore without proper protection. The Glowing Sea is home to several dangerous creatures, including deathclaws, radscorpions, and feral ghouls. The area also contains several abandoned military facilities and underground bunkers that players can explore to find valuable loot and resources.

What is the story behind the Glowing Sea in Fallout 4?

The Glowing Sea was created as a result of a nuclear explosion that occurred during the Great War, which took place in 2077. The explosion was caused by a nuclear bomb that was dropped on the city of Boston, Massachusetts, which is where Fallout 4 takes place. The bomb created a massive crater in the ground, which became known as the Glowing Sea. The area has remained highly irradiated for over 200 years, making it one of the most dangerous places in the Commonwealth. The Glowing Sea is also home to several factions, including the Children of Atom, who worship radiation and believe that the area is sacred.

What is the best way to navigate the Glowing Sea in Fallout 4?

Navigating the Glowing Sea in Fallout 4 can be a daunting task, especially for players who are new to the game. The first thing that players should do before entering the Glowing Sea is to make sure that they have proper protection against radiation, such as power armor or a hazmat suit. Players should also bring plenty of supplies, including food, water, and ammunition. The best way to navigate the Glowing Sea is to follow the roads and avoid traveling through heavily irradiated areas. Players should also be on the lookout for dangerous creatures and should always be prepared to fight or flee if necessary. Finally, players should explore the abandoned facilities and bunkers in the area, as they often contain valuable loot and resources that can help them survive in the harsh environment of the Glowing Sea.

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