Raider Problems

How to unlock: You need to complete The First Step side quest and speak to Preston Garvey (where he is currently located). The quest will randomly become available.

Quest objectives:

  • Talk to the locals
  • Eliminate the bandits at the designated location
  • Inform the settlers of your success
  • Speak to Preston Garvey

An example of a group of raiders

This quest is one of many random missions associated with the Minutemen group. You can receive it after finishing The First Step side quest, conversing with Preston Garvey, and agreeing to continue aiding the Minutemen. Preston may request your assistance in aiding settlers from a different, randomly selected location. Once given the task, you must visit the settlement, speak with a Settler, and go to the bandits’ hideout, which will be marked for you. Upon arrival, you must enter the hideout and eliminate all bandits present. Once finished, return to the Settler to inform them of your success. They will reward you with bottlecaps, and new members will join the Minutemen. To complete the quest, inform Preston Garvey of the successful mission, and he will provide you with a new assignment.

Quest rewards: Experience points, bottlecaps, and a new side quest.


What are Raider Troubles?

Raider Troubles is a term used in the Fallout game series to describe the presence of raiders in certain areas. Raiders are hostile human enemies who attack the player character on sight. They are usually found in abandoned buildings, raider camps, or wandering the wasteland.

How can I avoid Raider Troubles?

One way to avoid Raider Troubles is to stay away from areas where raiders are known to be present. This can be done by checking the map for locations that are marked as raider camps or abandoned buildings. It is also a good idea to travel with companions who can help you in combat if you do encounter raiders.

What should I do if I encounter Raiders?

If you do encounter raiders, it is important to be prepared for combat. This means having weapons and armor that are appropriate for the situation. It is also a good idea to use cover and try to pick off raiders one at a time. If you are outnumbered, it may be best to retreat and come back with better equipment or reinforcements.

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