The Nuclear Option (the Brotherhood of Steel ending)

How to start: The quest will begin automatically after you jump into the Institute during the Ad Victoriam quest.

Quest objectives:

  • Talk to Elder Maxson
  • Get to the Institute Reactor
  • Use Terminal to Override Institute Lockdown
  • Reach Institute Reactor
  • Plant Fusion Pulse Charge Inside Reactor
  • Talk to Elder Maxson
  • Talk to Proctor Ingram
  • Talk to Shaun
  • Step Into the Relay
  • Activate Detonator
  • Talk to Elder Maxson

Get to the reactor

The Nuclear Option is the final quest for the Brotherhood of Steel. Its goal is to completely destroy the Institute. The quest triggers after you enter the heart of the organization during the Ad Victoriam quest.

First, talk to Elder Maxson. He will give you a device used to blow up the Institute’s reactor. After the conversation, go to the center of the complex. You’ll need to defeat groups of enemies, but Elder Maxson and two other Brotherhood members will help you, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Try to hack all the terminals you come across; some will deactivate turrets, while others will activate robots to assist you.

Use the terminal to deactivate the lockdown

After defeating all enemies on the main square of the Institute, use the elevator.

Once you’ve defeated all enemies on the main square of the Institute, enter the elevator in the center and press the button. Walk ahead and enter the second elevator. After a while, you’ll reach the room where Shaun is located. You can talk to him if you wish. Nearby, there’s a novice-level terminal. Hack into it and select the available options. Once you’re done, the passage to the main part of the Institute will open. Go to the Advanced Systems building. There, you must defeat a few more enemies and enter the room with the reactor.

Plant the fusion charge inside the reactor

Keep going through the tunnel. Destroy a few automatic turrets and continue ahead. After a while, you’ll reach a large room with a reactor. Here, you’ll have to face dozens of enemies in a difficult battle. Once you’ve defeated them, walk upstairs and place the charge in the reactor. Now, talk to Elder Maxson. You’ll be teleported out of the room. Before escaping the Institute, you can talk to Ingram and Shaun again. Enter the teleporter, which will take you to the roof of the building.

Activate the detonator

The detonator you must use is in front of you. The Institute will be destroyed, and you’ll see the ending. After the movie, talk to Elder Maxson again. The quest will end.

Quest reward: Experience points.


1. What is the Nuclear Option in Fallout 4?

The Nuclear Option is the final quest in the Brotherhood of Steel storyline in Fallout 4. It involves the destruction of the Institute, a faction that is seen as a threat to humanity by the Brotherhood. The player character, known as the Sole Survivor, is tasked with infiltrating the Institute and planting explosives to destroy it. The quest involves several missions that require the player to gather intelligence, recruit allies, and build alliances with other factions. Ultimately, the player must make a decision about the fate of the Institute and its inhabitants.

2. Why choose the Brotherhood of Steel ending?

Choosing the Brotherhood of Steel ending in Fallout 4 offers several benefits. The Brotherhood is a powerful faction with advanced technology and military strength. By siding with them, the player gains access to their resources and can help them establish a dominant position in the Commonwealth. The Brotherhood is also focused on eliminating threats to humanity, such as the Institute, which is seen as a dangerous and unpredictable organization. By eliminating the Institute, the player can help ensure the safety and security of the Commonwealth.

3. What are the consequences of choosing the Nuclear Option?

Choosing the Nuclear Option in Fallout 4 has significant consequences for the player and the game world. The destruction of the Institute can lead to changes in the attitudes and behaviors of other factions, such as the Railroad and the Minutemen. It can also affect the availability of certain quests and items in the game. Additionally, the player may face backlash from other factions that disagree with the Brotherhood’s methods and goals. Ultimately, the consequences of choosing the Nuclear Option depend on the player’s choices and actions throughout the game.

4. How does the Nuclear Option compare to other endings in Fallout 4?

The Nuclear Option is one of several possible endings in Fallout 4, each with its own unique story and consequences. The other endings include siding with the Railroad, the Institute, or the Minutemen. Each ending has its own pros and cons, and the player must weigh the benefits and risks of each option before making a decision. The Nuclear Option is considered by many players to be the most satisfying ending, as it involves a dramatic and explosive finale that can have a significant impact on the game world.

5. Can you still play the game after choosing the Nuclear Option?

Yes, the player can continue to play Fallout 4 after choosing the Nuclear Option. The game world will reflect the player’s choices and actions, and certain quests and items may no longer be available. However, the player can still explore the Commonwealth and engage with other factions and characters. Additionally, Fallout 4 offers a wide range of side quests, activities, and challenges that can keep players engaged for hours after completing the main storyline.

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