A Loose End

How to initiate: Speak to Captain Kells on Prydwen (M7,2). This mission will become available after you complete the Duty or Dishonor quest and start the Liberty Reprimed quest.

Mission objectives:

  • Eliminate Virgil
  • Report back to Captain Kells

Eliminate Virgil

The A Loose End mission will automatically trigger after you finish the Duty or Dishonor mission, only if you have at least begun the Liberty Reprimed quest in the Brotherhood’s main storyline.

Kells will task you with killing Virgil, a supermutant-researcher located in the glowing sea. Travel to the Rocky Cave site, which is located on the southwestern edge of the map. Go inside and engage in a brief conversation with Virgil before he attacks you. Defeat him and the hostile robots. Return to the Prydwen and speak to Kells to claim your power armor helmet reward.

Mission rewards: Experience points, power armor helmet.


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