Providing for the Soldiers

How to initiate: Speak with Teagan on the Prydwen ship (M7,2). This quest becomes available only after completing the Tour of Duty quest. It is one of the chance quests offered to the Brotherhood of Steel.

Mission objectives:

  • Talk to Teagan
  • Travel to the designated farm
  • Persuade the farmers to share their food
  • Return to Teagan

Providing for the soldiers is a random mission available to the Brotherhood of Steel. Each soldier needs to eat, and since Teagan is responsible for gathering supplies, he may assign you a mission to visit a selected farm and persuade the settlers to share their food with the organization.

The farmers can be convinced in a few ways:

  • By paying them a significant amount of bottlecaps (1000). The price can be negotiated if you have charisma points;
  • By intimidating or asking them, but this will require high charisma and is not always effective;
  • By killing everyone on the farm.

After obtaining the supplies, you must return to Prydwen and speak with Teagan. He will reward you with 100 bottlecaps and some experience points. You may also begin another similar mission right away.

Mission rewards: experience points, 100 bottlecaps, new side mission.


1. What is the history of feeding troops during wartime?

Feeding troops during wartime has been an important issue since ancient times. In the past, armies relied on foraging, hunting, and fishing to sustain themselves. As technology advanced, armies began to rely more on organized supply chains to provide food for their troops. During World War II, the United States developed the K-ration and C-ration which were pre-packaged meals that could be easily transported and stored. Today, the military uses a variety of methods to feed troops including field kitchens, packaged meals, and dining facilities.

2. How does the military ensure that troops get proper nutrition while deployed?

The military has strict guidelines for nutrition and food safety to ensure that troops receive proper nutrition while deployed. MREs (Meals, Ready-to-Eat) provide a balanced meal with enough calories to sustain troops in the field. Each MRE contains an entree, side dish, dessert, snacks, and a powdered drink mix. In addition, the military provides supplements and vitamins to ensure that troops get the necessary nutrients. The military also monitors food safety to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses.

3. How has technology changed the way troops are fed?

Technology has greatly improved the way troops are fed. Pre-packaged meals like MREs have made it easier to transport and store food in the field. Field kitchens have also become more advanced with the use of modern equipment and appliances. The military has also experimented with 3D printing technology to create food that is tailored to individual soldiers’ nutritional needs. In addition, the military is researching ways to use drones to deliver food and supplies to troops in remote locations.

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